Mill Creek Attic Cleaning

Your attic plays more of a role in the condition of your home than you might think. Many Mill Creek homeowners are surprised when they learn that a poorly insulated, improperly sealed, or dirty attic can cause significant harm to their home. Not only do these uninsulated Mill Creek attics invite odors and animals, but they also release valuable energy from your home (both during summer and winter months). In essence, they’re expensive and they put your family health at risk.

Clean Crawls offers attic cleaning and insulation services to all neighbors in the Mill Creek area. We’ve got years of experience working in attics, and our attic cleaning professionals can skillfully identify and rectify weak points in your attic. Our team can transform your dirty, animal-ridden, uninsulated attic into a useful, beneficial, and safe part of your home.

Attic Cleaning

Attic Cleaning in Mill Creek

The bright, clean area of Mill Creek is full of new families, trendy restaurants, and small businesses eager to get their start. Mill Creek is one of the quickest growing areas outside of Seattle, and for a good reason. This is a wonderful area rich in family-friendly activities, trails, with easy access to downtown Seattle and the surrounding countryside.

However, many of these homes in the Mill Creek area are new, and they’re 15 years old at the most. While you might think that the young age of the homes and buildings would mean that their attics would be insulated and cleaned, reality shows the exact opposite. Many homes are built without sufficient insulation or sealing. For those that were, without proper maintenance, many attics have suffered damage from wear, mold, and/or animals.

A dirty attic can greatly contribute to many problems in your home, especially those families with members that have sensitivities to dust, poor immune systems, allergies, or asthma. A thorough attic cleanout can help to reduce these risks, while also improving the overall air quality of your home.


Attic Insulation in Mill Creek

Everyone knows that hot air rises — but not everyone knows that an uninsulated attic is an issue in the summer as well. An uninsulated attic in winter allows valuable warm air to easily escape, but in summer allows the hot sun to penetrate through the attic into the upper rooms of your house. This either increases the discomfort of the hot summer months or causes your AC to work overtime trying to keep your home cool.

Insulation that is dirty, wet, or too thin will not prevent heat transfer from occurring. Our team at Clean Crawls provides you with professional attic insulation services that restore the air quality and energy efficiency of your Mill Creek attic.


Attic Animal Exclusion

Animals love attics. This warm, comfortable space keeps them safe while providing easy access to food and water in the rest of the home or outside. Additionally, the stored items in the attic offer great hiding places and potential nesting materials. An invasion of mice, rats, or squirrels can destroy attic insulation and belongings within a matter of weeks. Keep your attic (and the rest of your Mill Creek home) safe from all types of animals with our animal exclusion services.


Mill Creek Attic Cleaning and Insulation Services

We’d love to be your local resource to clean, insulate, and protect your attic. Our professional work crews are experienced and certified in their work, offering you complete peace of mind when you choose to work with our team. For more information on our costs and services, contact our team today.