Vapor Barrier

Moisture and humidity are common problems in many homes. One of the best ways to keep moisture out of your home is with a vapor barrier. A well-installed vapor barrier can drastically diminish moisture build-up in your crawl space area, reduce condensation, leaks, and moisture in the air, as well as off-gassing from the ground beneath your home.

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Crawl space vapor barriers help in a number of ways. A clean, moisture-proof crawl space will have a positive impact on the preservation and value of your home, the quality of the air you breathe, and the amount of energy you use for heating and cooling.

Clean Crawls provides removal and replacement of vapor barriers in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

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What does a vapor barrier do?

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A vapor barrier reduces the condensation that gets into your crawl space, and keeps out harmful gases like radon and methane.

What is a vapor barrier?

Chuck Henrichsen

A vapor barrier is any type of installed material that keeps moisture from the ground from rising to the sub floor. In most cases, we use plastic as a vapor barrier for homes and lay it down on the dirt under your house.

I Need to Save Money!

If your crawl space or attic is not properly insulated, your HVAC system will work overtime to keep the inside of your home a comfortable temperature, costing you more money. Insulating your attic and crawl space will keep the warm air in during the winter, and the cold air in during the summer.

My Floors Are Cold!

Crawl spaces that are poorly insulated or contain bad insulation allow heat to escape from your floor, leading to cold floors in the winter. If your crawl space does not contain enough insulation, or is not properly sealed, the cold air from underneath your house will create a chilly surface for you to walk on.

What’s That Smell?

Are there strange smells coming out of your vents? HVAC systems can often start to smell when they are not properly cleaned and sealed. Mildew growth, stagnant water, or even a rodent that found its way into your ducts can cause your vents to smell if not carefully maintained.

Benefits of Vapor Barriers

Protect the Subfloor and Structure

Since the floor of most crawl spaces is dirt or soil, it is susceptible to all kinds of moisture, from normal ground water to over-saturation due to insufficient drainage. Without a barrier, this moisture will eventually find its way into the floor of your home, causing problems such as wood rot and warping of the subfloor. Mold can travel inside your living space from the crawl space and cause respiratory illness in children. With a vapor barrier installed, these problems can be significantly reduced and in some cases completely avoided.


Deter Insects and Rodents

Moisture beneath the home will attract insects, rats, mice, and even snakes as a source of hydration. By removing moisture from the area, pests will no longer be able to thrive in your crawl space. Thankfully, our thorough cleaning, rodent exclusion, and vapor barrier installation will strongly deter any pests from being able to make your crawl space their home. If you’ve already got pests in your crawl space, we also offer pest control services.


Improve Home Air Quality

Approximately 40% of your home air is pulled up from the crawl space. If there is no vapor barrier to prevent excess moisture in the crawl space area, mold and mildew will begin to grow. By installing a vapor barrier, the moisture in the air is reduced, as well as condensation. In addition, a properly installed vapor barrier can reduce harmful gases like radon and methane from seeping up through the soil and entering your air supply.


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Having mold growing in your crawl space, attic, or anywhere in your house can cause an array of health complications. In order to prevent mold, you need to understand what conditions create the perfect environment for it to thrive. Our ebook, “Toxic Mold: Protecting Your Home From Infestation” will help you understand, prevent, and handle mold in your house properly.


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