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A rodent invasion in your home is alarming, to say the least! As a homeowner, knowing how to exterminate a rodent problem is difficult and time-consuming. If you are struggling through a rodent invasion and need rodent removal professionals, our highly trained pest extermination company is able to handle any rodent problems you may be facing.

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Rodents are messy, unpleasant home invaders. Mice and rats destroy insulation, chew holes in wooden beams, gnaw wires, and leave droppings throughout the home. They carry diseases and other pests into the home as well, such as ticks and fleas.

Mice and rats generally inhabit the areas of the home least frequented, such as crawl spaces and attic insulation where they have access to food sources and moisture, and where they can build nests to begin reproducing.

For all rat infestations, we recommend that homeowners contact our rodent control team for pest eradication.

Rats In Your Seattle House?