Crawl Space Cleaning

Many homeowners are completely unaware of the importance of crawl space maintenance, especially in regards to removing soiled or contaminated insulation. Because of this, many homes have crawl space areas that are drastically diminishing their efficiency and air quality, and even allowing dangerous toxins and germs into their homes. In fact, 40% of children are affected by allergies in the U.S., while up to 40% of the air you breathe at home comes from your attic and crawl space.


What’s In Your Crawl Space?®

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We offer professional crawl space cleaning, insulation removal, insulation installation, and vapor barriers at competitive prices for all local areas of the Puget Sound area. Our family-owned business has spent years servicing local businesses and families with our high-quality crawl space services.

When do I need services?

Why should I have my crawl space cleaned?

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A clean crawl space will greatly improve the longevity of your house, save you money on energy bills, and provide cleaner air for your family.

Are you the right crawl space cleaning company for me?

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We have over 21 years in the industry, and are personally committed to making sure every job is done right the first time.

I Need to Save Money!

If your crawl space or attic is not properly insulated, your HVAC system will work overtime to keep the inside of your home a comfortable temperature, costing you more money. Insulating your attic and crawl space will keep the warm air in during the winter, and the cold air in during the summer.

My Crawl Space Stinks!

Are strange smells coming out of your crawl space? Crawl spaces often start to smell when they’re not properly cleaned. Mildew, soiled insulation, or a rodent that found its way into your crawl space can cause your crawl to smell if not carefully maintained.

My Floor is Cold!

Crawl spaces that are poorly insulated or contain bad insulation allow heat to escape from your floor, leading to cold floors in the winter. If your crawl space does not contain enough insulation, or is not properly sealed, the cold air from underneath your house will create a chilly surface for you to walk on.

Our Solution

Crawl Space Cleaning

The first step to creating a functioning, efficient crawl space is to clean it! Our crawl space cleaning team will go into your crawl space and eradicate all of those problems. We remove dirty insulation, fungi, animal contamination and feces, rotten wood, debris, and anything else that could degrade the efficiency or air quality of your home.

Additionally, we provide air deodorizing and sanitizing to improve the quality of your air. Clean Crawls provides environmental containment, localizing, drying and cleaning of particulate and moisture contaminants for residential and commercial buildings.


Crawl Space Insulation Installation

The next step is to insulate your sub-floor, which needs to be done from your crawl space. Because so much of your home air is drawn up from the crawl space, especially through your vents (approximately 40% according to the building institute) it is important that this air flow is minimized, so that you keep from wasting energy by unintentionally heating your crawl space or attic, and also by preventing moisture from accumulating with a proper vapor barrier.

By insulating the crawl space – with environmentally compliant insulation – and ensuring that it is vented properly, our crawl space insulation team can ensure that your energy bill goes down and your home comfort goes up! We do the work you don’t want to!™

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

A correctly installed vapor barrier is one of the most important aspects of your home. A vapor barrier prevents excess moisture and condensation, as well as dangerous off-gassing, from accumulating in the crawl space. Moisture and damp air create a perfect environment for mold, mildew, and wood rot. By removing the moisture, you can keep your foundation, support beams, and home air quality safe. We remove and replace vapor barriers in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to keep moisture from damaging your crawl space


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We’ve put together a complete Crawl Space Cleaning Guide to help you keep your crawl space clean, safe, and functional. This comprehensive guide includes explanations on how to inspect your crawl space, easy DIY cleaning methods, the importance of vapor barriers, and much more!

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