Attic Cleaning Services Monroe

Most homeowners are not aware of the importance of their attic, and how it affects their day to day lives. As a result, numerous homes have poor energy efficiency and diminishing air quality.

A poorly maintained attic can result in higher utility bills. In addition, dirty attics with dangerous mold and mildew growth can spread toxins and germs around your home, often leading to severe health complications for the residents.

Attic Cleaning
At Clean Crawls, we provide professional attic cleaning and attic insulation for all homes and businesses in Monroe. We are a local, family-owned business, and we have provided local high-quality attic services for years.


Attic Cleaning Services in Monroe

Deteriorated attics have numerous holes, gaps, crevices, and cracks that allow dust and rainwater build-up. If left unattended, your attic can become the perfect environment for mold colonies and unwanted animals to thrive. Water damages your attic insulation, decreasing your home’s energy efficiency along the way while allowing for mold and wood rot to grow. Professional attic cleaning and insulation installation services can help you eliminate these problems and restore your attic.


Attic Insulation

Insulation is one of the key elements of any healthy attic. Without the right insulation, vast quantities of expensive energy escape through your attic every day.  Wet, shredded, dirty, and thin insulation are not enough to properly insulate your attic. At Clean Crawls, our team of qualified professionals provides attic insulation services that will increase your home’s energy efficiency and restore air quality around your house.


Attic Animal Exclusion

Rarely visited, dirty attics can create safe, comfortable homes for an array of different animals. Animals thrive in dark, moist environments, so an unfrequented attic provides them with easy access to food and a peaceful place to raise a family. These animals can damage your property and threaten your house’s air quality and even structural integrity. Our animal exclusion services can help you eradicate these animals, removing all evidence of their presence, and prevent them from ever coming back into your attic.


Local Attic Cleaning Services in Monroe

If you think your attic might be harboring animals, mold, or failing to insulate your home, it’s time to get some help! If you need to hire professional attic cleaning services, contact Clean Crawls.

Our team of qualified professionals will be more than happy to provide inspection, insulation repair, attic cleaning, and other necessary maintenance. Contact Clean Crawls today here!