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We put together a free ebook to help you avoid, identify, and treat rodent infestations in your house


Rodents are a common problem for homeowners around the country. There are many ways to treat rodent infestations, depending on how severe they are. Because of this, we put together a free ebook to help you avoid, identify, and treat rodent infestations in your house.

Our free rodent control eBook is divided into four chapters:

1. Preventing Rodent Invasions

  • Common infestation areas
  • Additional issues that come as a result of rodents
  • Signs of infestation (smells, droppings, damage, etc.)
  • Best practices to prevent rodents

2. Suppressing the Rodent Population

  • Eliminate common food sources
  • Maintain a pristine living environment
  • Keep pet food away from mice
  • Eliminate water sources

3. Trapping and Eliminating Rodents

  • Common traps
  • How to choose and set bait
  • Electric traps
  • Cats
  • Safety best practices

4. Keeping the Mice Away

  • Eliminate ideal living conditions for rodents
  • Seal vents and other access points
  • Examine crawl space and attic insulation, walls, and other areas of your house.

Download our free ebook by filling out our form If you have any additional questions, or require professional rodent pest control services, contact Clean Crawls.

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What Our Customers Say

After spending thousands to block entries for vermin with no success, we hired Clean Crawls. We should have started with them first! It took a few visits to eradicate the infestation but now the house and crawl is devoid of rats. We had CC clean and re-insulate the attic and that made a huge difference, too.

Richard Ek

Marysville, WA

My experience with clean crawls was very smooth, from getting a quote to getting the job done all within the same week. They also did all the paperwork for the utility rebate. The crew came promptly on time and worked until they we're done, kept cleaning up and removed everything after that. Their description of the space was consistent with what the home inspection revealed before I bought the house.

Marina Gerges

Seattle, WA