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How Removing Ineffective Insulation Can Help You

By Chuck Henrichsen on June 7, 2013

Perhaps you have been in your crawlspace attic and seen the insulation between the beams. You may even have been the person to install the insulation, or you went upstairs for an attic cleaning and checked out the insulation. For many homeowners, this visual check may seem like enough to ensure that a home is well-insulated, but it's not. You still could have insulation problems that a professional attic cleaning or crawl space cleaning can uncover.

Poor insulation causes two main problems: poor health and higher utility bills.


When insulation is wet, it can lead to a build-up of dust particles. Wet insulation is a perfect breeding ground for mold to grow. If you live in a house that has not had a thorough crawl space cleaning in several years, getting one may help you to discover the root cause of any allergy and persistent colds that cause you and your family members to suffer.

Utility Bills

The other major issue with poor or old insulation is that utility bills will be higher when insulation is not sufficient. Over time, insulation in an attic can get compressed, making it unable to provide much protection. Melted snow on the roof is an immediate clue that attic insulation has gone bad, as is a need to turn the thermostat up more than usual.

Underneath the home, the crawl space insulation can be in poor shape because of weather or animals that may get under the home. A crawl space cleaning will let you know if there are holes in the insulation. If there are, replacing it definitely is a less expensive option than continuing to lose cool air from the floor. Even if you are hesitant about the cost of the insulation, know that you are better off getting it done now before there is additional damage.

Chuck Henrichsen
President and CEO of Clean Crawls, Treasurer of E3 World Wide, proud husband and father.