Rodents are a common problem for homeowners around the country. There are many ways to treat rodent infestations, depending on how severe they are. Because of this, we put together a free eBook to help you avoid, identify, and treat rodent infestations in your house.

Our free rodent control eBook is divided into four chapters:

1. Preventing Rodent Invasions

  • Common infestation areas
  • Additional issues that come as a result of rodents
  • Signs of infestation (smells, droppings, damage, etc.)
  • Best practices to prevent rodents

2. Suppressing the Rodent Population

  • Eliminate common food sources
  • Maintain a pristine living environment
  • Keep pet food away from mice
  • Eliminate water sources

3, Trapping and Eliminating Rodents

  • Common traps
  • How to choose and set bait
  • Electric traps
  • Cats
  • Safety best practices

4. Keeping the Mice Away

  • Eliminate ideal living conditions for rodents
  • Seal vents and other access points
  • Examine crawl space and attic insulation, walls, and other areas of your house.

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