Crawl Space Insulation Yelm

Keeping your crawl space in proper order requires due diligence. After all, this concealed space in your home can produce problems of all kinds without regular maintenance or inspections. Hidden dangers like impure air, toxins, and germs can creep into your home from the seemingly non-threatening space below and make your living situation intolerable or even dangerous for those living in your home. An unkempt crawl space creates a breeding ground for these dangers, and energy loss increases while your home’s structural integrity decreases.

Crawl Space Yelm
Fortunately, Clean Crawls in Yelm rises to the challenge and restores your crawl space to a beauty like that of Mount Rainier. Our certified, professional service technicians bring peace of mind, pride and quality workmanship to your home’s unseen depths. Whether you want crawl space cleaning, animal exclusion assistance, insulation or vapor barrier installation, we offer top-ranked services at affordable prices. We help eliminate the risks associated with neglected crawl spaces.  

Wondering what is in your Crawl Space?

Why do you need to address your crawl space at all? Keep in mind that not all animals station themselves outside. One peek into your crawl space may reveal dirty insulation, rotten wood, debris, fungi, rodent droppings and more. While hidden from daily view, these items lead to damaged subfloors and animal infestations. Furthermore, 40 percent of your home’s air rises from your crawl space, meaning that you breathe in whatever debris, mold and mildew are present in your crawl space. A clean crawl space means clean air for your family to breathe.  

Yelm Crawl Space Insulation Installation

The air along the crawl space impacts the heating and cooling of your home. Maintaining dry, warm air in this area reduces energy bills by approximately 30 percent and significantly raises comfort levels within your home. Furthermore, clean air from a clean crawl space extends the lifespan of your HVAC system. Properly insulating and venting the crawl space prevents heat from transferring into or out of this area, keeping your home cool on summer days and warm in the winter. Utility companies often offer rebates for insulation improvements. Check with Yelm utility providers to see if this home upgrade qualifies you for savings. Help turn your home into a space where you can feel safe to invite guests over for dinner or to watch the Seahawks run over their opponents.  

Yelm Vapor Barrier Installation

Imagine the Nisqually River trickling into your crawl space. Moisture in your crawl space can threaten the foundation and air quality of your home. Professional vapor barrier installations prevent moisture and condensation from gathering. These vapor barriers keep away mold, mildew, and wood rot from seeping into your home’s structure. Eliminating issues of moisture from groundwater or drainage guards against damage to your subfloor and home structure. By eliminating these threats, Clean Crawls also prevents unwanted odors and allergy triggers which negatively impact your family’s health. In addition, insects and rodents turn elsewhere for the damp spaces in which they thrive.

Yelm Crawl Space Services

Our mission at Clean Crawls is to create healthy and clean environments that provide comfort and peace of mind to Yelm residents. Through the services of crawl space cleaning, insulation or vapor barrier installation, and animal exclusion, we promise to do just that. We attack the problems in your crawl space for you. so you can put more time and energy toward the important things in your life. To set up an appointment or get a quote, contact our professional team today.