Crawl Space Cleaning Lacey WA

Providing protection for your home from odors, mold, and animals

Commonly, the crawl space area is the most overlooked space in the house. In our profession of crawl space cleaning, we regularly encounter crawl spaces that are extremely unkempt. Among the disorder, we find insulation that has been torn up and contaminated with rodent feces, urine, nesting materials, food caches, and even decomposing rodent corpses. The ducting in these crawl space areas is often chewed all the way through and made into a nest. Even the vapor barriers are damaged by being improperly laid down or missing entirely, allowing excessive moisture to beget mold and rotting wood. The vents are also improperly installed or even blocked off entirely.

The gravity of the situation is enormous, but we’re equipped to handle it.

before and after crawlspace cleaning

When It’s Time to Call In The Pros

  • Contamination/infestation of animals
  • Mold and damp insulation
  • Poor insulation needing an upgrade
  • Vapor barriers in need of replacement
  • Moldy/musty smells or animal odors
  • Relief from allergies
  • Severe water damage
  At Clean Crawls, our crawl space cleaning team dives right into your crawl space and addresses each problem with thoroughness. We identify and eradicate fungi, rodent feces, rotted wood, dirty insulation, debris, and just about anything else that may hamper your home’s air quality or efficiency. What we leave behind is a crawl space that is insulated, clean, and sealed from moisture.  

The Effects of a Dirty Crawl Space on Your Lacey, WA Home

Before cleaning out your crawl space, it’s important to understand why it is so necessary. Your crawl space will influence your home in four major ways. The first one of these is air quality.

1. Subpar or Toxic Air Quality

Dirty, uninsulated, and unsealed crawl spaces are havens that bring about all manner of allergens and animals. The moisture in the crawl space allows mold and mildew to thrive, and draws insects and other treacherous animals into your home. In fact, about 40% of your home’s air comes directly from the crawl space. Dirty crawl spaces breed germs, allergens, and mycotoxins than infiltrate your home’s air and then your lungs. This will worsen allergies, asthma symptoms, and put extra strain on your immune system. To gain more knowledge about preventing mold in your crawl space and your home, download our free eBook on mold prevention and removal solutions.

2. Large Energy Bills

Drafty crawl spaces that have not been insulated can hamper your home’s temperature by letting all of the heat out. Because so much of the home’s air is derived from the crawl space area, a cold crawl space will have a heavy influence on the rest of the home’s temperature. This makes it all the more likely that your home will have drafty rooms, floors, and walls. Your home will have difficulty keeping a regulated temperature, which will lead to high energy bills, particularly during very hot or extremely cold months during the year. When homeowners install crawl space insulation, they generally see a 30-50% savings on their energy bills almost immediately.

3. Damage and Decay To Home Subfloor

Excessive or chronic moisture in your crawl space area can greatly impair the structure of the home. Moisture can lead to rotted wood in your home’s load-bearing beams, as well as warp or allow mold to grow in the subflooring. The cost associated with replacing or repairing your subfloor or the support beams is very expensive—crawl space cleaning is a much more cost-effective solution.

4. Infestations and Animals

With a penchant for warm spaces that are infrequently visited and have easy access to food, animals jump at the opportunity to live in an uninsulated, unsealed crawl space. These crawl spaces are the ideal home to many different animals: mice, squirrels, rats, ants, roaches, hornets, and even spiders. Animals are capable of destroying and damaging insulation, tearing holes in vapor barriers, gnawing on exposed wires and causing fire hazards, and dramatically lowering your home’s air quality. If you are facing a situation with animals in your crawl space, read more about our animal exclusion services.  

Our Local Crawl Space Cleaning Services

As a local, family-owned company, we are always thrilled to work with other families in the Lacey area. By taking all necessary precautions, we guarantee that your home will remain a clean, healthy environment from the inside and the outside throughout our entire visit. We are very aware that most homeowners don’t enjoy venturing into their crawl space…but we sure do! Contact us today to get a quote or to have a conversation with one of our talented crawl space cleaning experts.