Attic Cleaning Olympia

Did you know that your attic can be riddled with activity, even when you only see it as a storage space? Other than it being an extra closet or just a space for insulation, attics can be full of holes, mold, and even unwanted critters.

At Clean Crawls, we provide professional attic cleaning services to the Olympia area. Our staff is trained to clean all the nooks, crannies, and more! That includes sealing up any holes to eliminate moisture.

attic cleaning olympia

Common Attic Contents

You’d be surprised at the number of substances that can be found in an attic. Most people have no idea of the kinds of materials hidden up there, harming their house and sometimes even their health. Things like holes, animals, debris, water, mold, odors, and insulation materials. Holes: Many attics have little holes or cracks because of age. This lets in animals, air, and water inside the house, which in turn causes mold and more damage to the inside. Animals: Animals can be anything from bugs to small rodents, and they can do a lot of damage by eating through the wood. When the larger animals can’t find their way out, they will often leave their own remains behind. Debris: Because of the animals getting in and air and water from the cracks, a lot of debris gets left over like dust, dirt, and garbage. Water: Water can get in through cracks, especially in a place like Olympia, with all the rain and humidity. Any moisture is sure to cause mold, rot, or simply damage your attic. Mold: If water gets into your attic, it’s probable that there’s also a mold problem. Mildew and mold can grow on the insulation, and in cracks and corners all over your attic. It can cause damage as well as health problems. Odors: All of the aforementioned issues can be causes of unpleasant odors filling up your attic space. Eventually, these odors will spread down to the rest of your home. Insulation: If your attic is lacking adequate insulation, your house will be more susceptible to animals, water, and mold. Not to mention high energy bills.  

Why Clean the Attic?

Many people don’t use their attic and rarely go up to take a look. But “out of sight, out of mind” isn’t really a good mantra when it comes to keeping the attic clean because the attic affects your home as a whole.

1. Air Quality

Air is constantly circulating in your home. That circulation is known as the stack effect. The air is constantly being pushed and pulled in, moving the air that you breathe from the attic into your living space, and then cycles over and over again. Any sort of mold or growth of any kind is being exposed to you every day because of this effect.

2. Home Integrity

The entire home is in jeopardy when you ignore the attic space. The moisture that gets collected causes wood to rot. That damages more than just the attic, it can spread through the house, even the structural layer. Animals that get inside through your attic can eat through insulation, wiring, and even the walls of your home. As these issues accumulate, you’ll have a lot more than a headache to deal with, you’ll have to spend time and money to fix them.

3. Energy Efficiency

A few cracks and holes here and there may not seem important initially, but over time, those cracks will grow and more holes will appear. Just because you don’t see them every day doesn’t mean you’re not paying for them with your energy bill.  

Olympia Attic Cleaning Services

At Clean Crawls, we provide our professional services to residents in the Olympia area. We use a team of highly trained cleaners using specialized equipment to provide the following services:
  • Clean all mess and disarray in your attic.
  • Discard bad or unusable insulation
  • Clean mold and odor issues with non-toxic enzyme products.
  • Air sealing treatments

How Do I Know if I Need Attic Cleaning Services?

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you have any of these issues in your attic, especially when you haven’t had a look in awhile. There are other signs that you should be aware of that can indicate an issue:
  • Bad smells when you walk by the attic
  • Small drops of water on the ceiling
  • Hearing the sounds of animals
  • Elevated energy bills
  • Mold and mildew in your home
  • Rotting wood
  At Clean Crawls, we have the tools and team it takes to keep your home safe and keep your family healthy. It’s important for us to do the job right, so your family will breathe fresh and clean air for years to come. We would be happy to talk to you today about your attic and what we can do for you. For more information, contact Clean Crawls today here.