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Why You Need Recurring Pest Control Services

By Clean Crawls on November 21, 2017

While on one hand it’s not incorrect to expect that once a job is done it should not have to be repeated on an ongoing basis, when it comes to a rodent infestation in your home, recurring pest control services can be a necessity. Why, you may ask? Before answering that question, let’s first take a detailed look at how and why the rodent infestation occurred in the first place.

recurring pest control

Root Causes of Rodent Infestation in Your Home

As hard as it may be to accept, rodents did not arbitrarily choose your home to enter and build nests. They were attracted there for a reason (or reasons). Here are a few of these reasons and what you can do to help prevent them from occurring.

Lawns that are unkempt: Rodents are known to nest in lawns where weeds and grass are allowed to grow tall. Keep an eye out for objects where rodents may be able to build nests in; this could be old appliances, or any stationary object in your yard – especially those that are situated alongside fences or outbuildings located on the property. You could almost look upon these hideouts as a staging area for rodents, a place to live until they decide to make the move into the interior spaces of your home.

Clutter in crawl spaces and attics: A good rule of thumb for keeping these areas free of rodents is to make sure you can always see the floor. This means storing things in cabinets and on shelves off of the floor when possible, as well as keeping stored items neat and organized. Rodents are attracted to clutter as it gives them ample opportunities to conceal themselves.

A bountiful garden: As wonderful as it is to be able to go outside and pick fresh vegetables from your very own garden, remember that rodents are just as attracted to this abundant food source as are we humans. Same goes for fruit trees on your property. Keep the flow of vegetables and fruits from the garden or trees into the home steady, and try not to leave anything left behind for rodents to feed upon.

Foods and trash cans: Rodents are not finicky eaters. They’ll consume your garbage as quickly as they will any crumbs or pet food that’s left on floors or outside. Clean up thoroughly after preparing and eating food and make sure that any unused food is properly sealed and put away into cabinets and the refrigerator.


How Rodents Get Inside Your Home

Never underestimate the ability of rodents to find their way into your home. A few of their favorite access points include:

• Roof vents that are not screened
• Excessive gaps beneath doorways
• Holes and cracks in crawl spaces and attics that are unsealed

Effective Rodent Control and Removal

If you discover signs of a rodent infestation in your home, the best thing you can do is call a professional pest control service. If you have tried to contain the situation yourself but have encountered signs of multiple nests, and there are still signs of rodents after multiple attempts to trap them, the problem has evolved beyond your control. A professional pest control service will remove the infestation utilizing one or more of the following methods.

• Natural and chemical pesticides
• Removing food sources and breeding grounds
• Removing entry points into the home by creating physical barriers
• Inserting natural repellants and predators into your home’s environment

Don’t Underestimate the Memory of a Rodent

Now, back to the original question: Why is recurring pest control recommended when it comes to rodents? You’ve called in a professional and they’ve removed the rodents and their nests from your home. All is fine at this point – except for the fact that rodents retain memories of a home they have previously gained entry to and are highly likely to try and return.

In the pest control industry, because a 100% guarantee of rodents not returning to a home following a successful treatment is impossible to predict, the standard recommendation is that crawl spaces and other possible entry points into the home be checked every other month. This ensures that possible access points are contained, and if there are any signs of rodents they can be dealt with early on. The cost of residential pest control services every other month is far less expensive than if you were to have to pay full cost for repeated, periodic infestations.

Clean Crawls is the Recognized Leader in Pest Control

Whether your home is experiencing problems related to rodents, ants, or other pests common to the Pacific Northwest, Clean Crawls has years of experience and proven customer satisfaction in pest control, insulation, crawl space cleaning, attic services, air and duct sealing, vapor barriers and mold remediation. Don’t hesitate to contact Clean Crawls immediately if you are frustrated by invading pests!

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