Tacoma Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

Because of the naturally wet and rainy weather conditions here in Tacoma, vapor barriers are critical to the strength and integrity of your home. Without a vapor barrier, moisture build up, condensation, and standing water can appear in your crawl space.

Crawl space vapor barriers are beneficial in several ways. Not only can they help to preserve the value of your home by preventing moisture build up, but they can significantly decrease the amount of energy used for heating and cooling.


Protect the Subfloor and Structure

Without a vapor barrier, many Tacoma homes are susceptible to ground moisture finding its way into the floor of the home, rotting the wood and warping the subfloor. Having a vapor barrier installed keeps the excess water and moisture from rising out of the ground and into the crawl space air. Vapor barriers also deter burrowing rodents and other animals from entering your home.


Increase Home Air Quality

Many people don’t know that about 40% of the air inside the home is pulled directly up from the crawl space. For homes that do not have a proper vapor barrier installed, there is a higher chance of serious mold and mildew growth in their crawl space. Tacoma area crawl spaces that have installed vapor barriers will offer reduced moisture and better air quality to homeowners.


Prevent Odors and Allergy Triggers

The lack of a vapor barrier allows lots of moisture to quickly fill the crawl space. This moisture can encourage certain types of insulation to degrade and wood to decay. Rotting wood and the attraction of animals produces unattractive odors as well as worsen environmental allergies of home inhabitants.


Better Protect Pipes

Having a vapor barrier installed also enables homeowners to stabilize the temperature and humidity levels in their crawl space. When temperatures drop during the winter, homeowners can keep their crawl spaces at manageable temperatures to keep their pipes from freezing and bursting.


Deter Insects and Rodents

The presence of moisture in the crawl space is an invitation to all kinds of animals. Ants, termites, mice, rats, and even snakes are drawn to secluded, moist areas. Vapor barriers can help to reduce the temptation for animals to make a home in your crawl space. In addition to a vapor barrier, a thorough cleaning and sealing of your crawl space, in addition to performing proper animal exclusion, can help to prevent animals from entering Tacoma the crawl spaces.

Despite the fact that crawl space is probably last on your list of concerns, a properly cared for crawl space is necessary for the longevity and security of your home. At Clean Crawls, we offer crawl space inspections, cleanout, restoration, and insulation services for Tacoma residents. Contact our Clean Crawls team for more information about your vapor barrier options.