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The crawl spaces of most Tacoma homes are usually sheltered, quiet, and often dirty places. These conditions are ideal for rodents, ants, termites, and other pesky critters that are looking for new homes.

Here at Clean Crawls, we offer crawl space pest control inspections, pest exterminations, and pest control preventative treatments throughout the Tacoma area. In addition, we offer crawl space cleaning and crawl space insulation services so that families can clean out their filthy, pest-filled crawl spaces and restore it to a clean, fresh, and vacant space that helps rather than hurts your home.

Our team is committed to getting long-term results using the safest crawl space pest control methods. Our certified crew provides careful, affordable, and swift pest control services throughout Tacoma.


Our Crawl Space Pest Control Methods

We are trained to use industry standard procedures to eliminate pests from the crawl space. Here are just some of the pest control methods we offer.

  • biological pest control (the use of natural repellents or predators)
  • chemical and natural pesticide
  • mechanical pest control (installing physical barriers to prevent future infestations)
  • destroy breeding grounds, food sources, etc.


At Clean Crawls, we aim to use natural methods of pest control as a way to care for our environment and the Tacoma community. If natural methods are unavailable to appropriately handle your pest control needs, then we are careful to use treatment methods at the lowest toxicity. We are also intentional about cleaning up thoroughly after the job is complete. The safety of your home and family are always top priority to us.


What Do Pests Do to My Crawl Space?

Pests will quickly start making a comfortable home in your crawl space by:

  • tearing up insulation
  • chewing through electrical wires
  • damaging wooden supports
  • gnawing through air ducts
  • strewing trash and debris throughout the space
  • pooping and peeing on everything. leaving excrement and urine


This destructive activity will damage your crawl space and threaten the integrity of your home. Contact us if you think you might have pests living in your crawl space.


When Can I Know I Need Pest Control Services?

Some pest problems can be handled with over-the-counter means. Other scenarios demand the assistance of a skilled service that has the necessary skill and experience to handle the issue. Here are some questions you can ask about your pest situation:

  • Is the invading species dangerous?
  • Do family members have allergies?
  • Is it a widespread issue?
  • Is this a reoccurring issue, despite previous attempts to remove the pest?
  • Are you unable to identify the full extent of the issue?
  • Is the pest dangerous to remove?
  • Is it an advanced invasion in the walls, flooring, or structure of the crawl space?
  • Could this pest problem indicate a deeper and more serious issue with your crawl space?


If your answer to any of these questions was ‘yes’, then it’s time to contact a professional crawl space pest control company that can assist you in solving this problem.


Common Crawl Space Pests:

Here are a few of the most common pests that we find we must deal with in the crawl space:



It’s never pleasant to discover rodents skittering around in the darkness of your crawl space. Not only do rodents, like mice or rats, wreck havoc on your crawl space, but they can also carry in other pests like ticks and fleas. Here are a few scenarios in which enlisting a crawl space pest control company is recommended.

  • Continued rodent infestations, despite successful trapping
  • Discovered multiple nests
  • Recurring rodent invasions, only weeks or months apart.


Many rodents are dangerous to work with, so we recommend that Tacoma homeowners contact our pest control services about rodent eradication.



While most ants are not poisonous, this can be some of the more annoying and difficult pests to eliminate. Being so small, ants can enter the crawl space through the tiniest crack or hole. Ants can build nests in the crawl space that host large colonies of up 500,000 ants. Colonies of this size cannot be dealt with using over-the-counter means.

Tacoma homeowners should contact our ant pest control services if:

  • Colonies large or small in size with unidentified nest source
  • Ant colonies in crawl space insulation
  • Family members have allergies to insect bites


Our crawl space pest control services can help to locate the nests and decide upon the best eradication method to ensure full removal of the colony.



A termite infestation is a very serious matter. Termites live in the wooden beams and structure of the crawl space, chewing pencil-sized tunnels that weaken the wood. Tacoma termites are extremely destructive, but present no visible sign of their presence in the crawl space.

Because of the difficulty in locating and eradicating crawl space termites, this project is best handled by a professional Tacoma pest control company. Regular inspections can be performed by your local termite control company to ensure your crawl space is not experiencing a termite invasion.



There are a number of other crawl space pests that our services can help you to identify and eradicate, such as spiders, roaches, fleas, silverfish, earwigs, and more.

If you are tired of dealing with pest problems in your crawl space, let us help you get to a long-term solution. Contact us to learn more about our services.


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