Tacoma Crawl Space Insulation

Most homeowners are simply unaware of the incredible benefits that come as a result of having an insulated crawl space. Crawl space insulation works to stop the transfer of heat through the walls during the summer and prevent heat from escaping the house during the winter. Insulation installation has enabled homeowners to enjoy incredible savings on their utility bills every month, as well as also enjoying rebates from local utility companies.


Crawl Space Insulation Benefits

A surprising majority of the air in your home actually comes directly from your crawl space. This means that the condition of your crawl space will tell you a lot about the quality of air in your home. If a crawl space is dirty, musty, and uninsulated, you will likely have a drafty home filled with allergens, toxins, and overall poor air quality.


Drafts in Winter

During the winter, your heater works hard to generate warm air to keep your home comfortable. If the crawl space is not properly insulated, it become a two-way vent that allows the warm, comfortable air (that you paid for) to escape and enables the cold winter air to stream in and fill your crawl space. Your home’s heating system is forced to work much harder than it should to make up for the crawl space’s lack of insulation.


Hot Interior in Summer

The same scenario occurs during the summer months. As your air conditioning unit works to generate cool, refreshing air, the hot outside air is pouring into your crawl space and being pulled up into your living spaces. Homeowners ultimately pay more to run their heating and cooling systems simply because of their uninsulated crawl space.

With crawl space insulation, Tacoma homeowners have been able to reduce their energy costs by approximately 30%. Along with this comes the benefit of homeowners requiring less energy out of the HVAC systems, helping to lengthen its lifespan. Many utility companies will even offer rebates for making insulation improvements.


The Best Kind of Crawl Space Insulation:

There are a wide variety of insulation options for homeowners to choose from. While fiberglass batting, foam board, and spray foam insulation are the top three kinds, spray foam insulation stands out as the most powerful, durable, and reliable solution.

Spray foam insulation is known for as a powerful insulator that is water resistant, making it resistant against molds and water damage. As an expansive substance, the application of spray foam insulation results in an airtight seal that resists the transfer of outside air, heat, and moisture. This helps prevent water and moisture build up in the crawl space.

Spray foam insulation can maintain its full insulating capacity for 10 years or more, the longest lifespan of any insulation on the market today. Not only does this fact make the choice of spray foam insulation an economical one, but it is also a popular choice for those that are seeking an environmentally friendly insulation option in Tacoma or the Puget Sound area.

In order for crawl space insulation to perform at an optimal level, it is important to have a vapor barrier installed, as well as a clean crawl space. Vapor barriers help to prevent groundwater from entering the crawl space, while a clean crawl space can increase the longevity of your crawl space insulation.

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