Crawl Space Cleaning in Tacoma, University Place & Pierce County

Crawl space cleaning in Tacoma is a little-known yet vital part of correct home care. The crawl space attracts animals and often accumulates moisture, mold, and dust, and it can even be home to dangerous toxins that leech into the rest of the home.

We offer competitive prices and quality crawl space cleaning services— after all, we’re the original crawl space cleaners! We offer a variety of crawl space services in Tacoma, including cleaning, insulation, and vapor barrier installation.

Crawl Space Cleaning in Tacoma, University Place and Pierce County
Crawl Space Cleaning in Tacoma, University Place and Pierce County

Crawl Space Cleaning in Tacoma

The first step to having an efficient crawl space is to clean it! Our crawl space cleaning team will go into your crawl space to thoroughly clean and disinfect the area. We’ll remove dirty insulation, mold, rotten wood, animal debris, dirt, leaves, and any other litter that could degrade the overall efficiency or air quality of your Tacoma house.  

Crawl Space Insulation Installation in Tacoma

Crawl Space Cleaning Tacoma
Crawl Space Cleaning Tacoma
Almost 40% of the air in your Tacoma home is pulled up through your crawl space — it pays to make sure that this air is warm and moisture-free. Crawl space insulation stabilizes the temperature of your crawl space, lessening the possibility of condensation developing and increasing the chances of a lowered energy bill!  

Vapor Barrier Installation in Tacoma

This is one of the most important aspects, as it prevents excess moisture and condensation from developing in your Tacoma crawl space. Moisture issues, especially those that remain unresolved, can lead to very serious problems in your crawl space and home. Mold, mildew, wood rot, and animals all require moisture to survive and these types of animal infestation are a common result of water in your crawl space. By preventing ‘vapors’ and water from developing, a vapor barrier protects the air quality and integrity of your Tacoma home.  

Local Tacoma Crawl Space Cleaning Services

We serve all the cities throughout Pierce County. Our crew of crawl space cleaning professionals would be delighted to help you get your home or property back to tip-top shape. The importance of a clean, insulated crawl space is important for your Tacoma home. We’re happy to be able to help you. Contact us now for a crawl space cleaning free on-site quote.