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A pest invasion in your home is alarming, to say the least! As a homeowner, knowing how to exterminate a pest problem is difficult and time-consuming. If you are struggling through a pest invasion and need pest removal professionals, our highly trained pest extermination company is able to handle any pest problems you may be facing.

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Ant are a nuisance, and exterminating them in your home can be difficult. They are able to enter the home through even the tiniest of cracks, swarming to the areas of the home that offer moisture and a food source – especially sweet or greasy foods. Professional ant removal services become necessary when there are large colonies (up to 500,000) that are unable to be eradicated with over-the-counter means.

Home remedies are rarely powerful enough or the correct treatment for an ant infestation. Our pest removal service team is certified in ant removal and can easily and quickly remove your ant infestation for you. We Do The Work that You Don’t Want To!™

Pest Control Seattle
Pest Control Seattle


Rodents are messy, unpleasant home invaders. Mice and rats destroy insulation, chew holes in wooden beams, gnaw wires, and leave droppings throughout the home. They carry diseases and other pests into the home as well, such as ticks and fleas.

Mice and rats generally inhabit the areas of the home least frequented, such as crawl spaces and attic insulation where they have access to food sources and moisture, and where they can build nests to begin reproducing.

For all rat infestations, we recommend that homeowners contact our rodent control team for pest eradication.

Rats In Your Seattle House?

Stinging Insects

Wasps and yellow jackets are especially common in older homes with warm, unsealed attics. They often build nests beneath the eaves of your home or in wall cavities, causing damage to the structure of your home. Additionally, they present a health hazard to children or those with allergies.

Our insect extermination team recommends that all stinging insect infestations be handled by a professional pest removal company. Our team of certified pest removal professionals are able to quickly and permanently deal with any insect control needs.

Stinging Insects