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There are many ways that pests in the crawl space can make their presence known. Maybe it was the occasional scratching sounds coming from under the floor, or the gradual development of unpleasant odors filling your home. Whatever the case may be, discovering pests in your crawl space can unnerving and alarming. We do the work you don’t want to™

At Clean Crawls, we offer pest control inspections, pest control preventative treatments, and pest control exterminators to rid uninvited guests from your crawl space. We also offer crawl space cleaning and crawl space insulation services so that you can clean and restore your crawl space.

Our team of certified crew members have extensive experience in providing affordable, swift, and careful pest control services throughout Seattle. Our commitment to providing long-term solutions means that we perform thorough services and schedule regular follow-ups to ensure no future pest issues. We give you peace of mind for your crawl space™.

What Do Pests Do To My Crawl Space?

While the knowledge of critters living beneath your home is, by itself, an alarming thought, the pests in your crawl space will do more than just sit around. Most will busy themselves in the crawl space by:

  • destroying insulation
  • leaving excrement, trash, and debris
  • chewing through electrical wiring
  • gnawing holes in air ducts
  • damaging building’s wooden structure

Since all of these activities damage the structure and integrity of your crawl space and home, it is important that a pest control company be sought quickly to ensure no further damage is done.

Our Pest Control Services:

At Clean Crawls, we are experienced in using a variety of industry standard procedures to eliminate pests from the crawl space and keep the area protected from future infestations. We provide residential home and commercial building pest control, including:

  • biological pest control (using natural predators or repellents)
  • mechanical pest control (using physical barriers to prevent future infestations)
  • elimination of breeding grounds and food sources
  • use of chemical and natural pesticides, and more

To help keep our work safe and reliable, we strive to effectively use only natural methods for pest control. If natural methods are unavailable, we are careful to use the lowest toxicity treatment necessary to ensure a job well done. We also guarantee a thorough clean up after our work is completed.

Common Crawl Space Pests:

There are some Seattle pests that have easier access to the crawl space and that tend to be more common occurrences in our line of work. We provide crawl space pest control inspections, exterminations, and preventative treatments for all of them.


With the crawl space’s proximity to the great outdoors, it comes as no surprise that a common crawl space pest is the termite. These insects live in the wooden frame and structure of your home, creating pencil-sized tunnels that run through the walls, flooring, and supports. Termites create very few visible signs of their presence in your crawl space, but the damage is extremely serious.

Because termite damage is not visible to the untrained eye, termite extermination should never be a DIY project. A trained pest control company will be able to analyze the full extent of the damage, present the most viable solutions, and perform the necessary pest control with a skilled team and specialized tools.

A termite control company, like Clean Crawls, can provide crawl space regular inspections to ensure that your home is not subject to a termite invasion.


One of the more well-known crawl space invaders is the rodent. Mice and rats can find their way into the crawl space through holes or cracks in the crawl space walls or through crawl space doors. They are attracted to moisture, food sources, and a sheltered environment, which a crawl space can easily provide. These pests can also carry diseases and other pests, like ticks and fleas, into the home as well.

Signs You Need a Professional Rodent Removal Company:

  • Rodents continue to appear in your home, despite several successful trappings
  • Recurring problems with rodent invasions
  • Discovered multiple mice nests

Recurring rodent infestations in the crawl space and dangerous and serious issues. Our rodent pest control team can help you to finally eliminate the problem.


Ants can be an incredible nuisance, especially when all your efforts to eradicate these pesky critters fails. Because of their small size, ants can easily enter the crawl space through cracks or small holes. Their attraction to sweet or greasy foods can lead them into the crawl space, where they can set up large colonies of up to 500,000 members. Infestations of this size cannot be dealt with using over-the-counter products.

If you are experiencing an ant infestation that is similar to any of the below scenarios, we strongly recommend contacting our team.

  • Unidentified nest source for large or small colony of ants
  • Family members have allergies to dust or insect bites
  • Ant colonies in insulation

Other Pests

There are a wide number of other pests that can enter your crawl space. Our Seattle pest control team here at Clean Crawls is trained to handle spider removal, silverfish removal, earwig removal, flea removal, roach removal, and more. We go where you don’t want to™

If you’re struggling with a pest infestation in your crawl space, our team is here to help. At Clean Crawls, we provide quality service with guaranteed results at affordable prices. Contact our office today for more information or to schedule a consultation and inspection.

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