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Insulating your crawl space is one of the most important and effective ways you can care for your home. Crawl space insulation prevents the loss of heat in the winter and the transfer of heat in the summer. Because the air from the crawl space travels throughout the whole home, controlling heat flow is a critical element to your energy usage.

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Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation:

Much of your home air quality and temperature is dictated by the condition of your crawl space. If you have a dirty, cold crawl space, you’ll have poor indoor air quality and a drafty, chilly home. Not only that, but you’ll find yourself wasting a lot of money on energy bills.

In the winter, the heat produced by your heating system moves naturally to the unheated spaces such as attics, garages, basements and crawlspaces – or directly outdoors. To make up for this loss, your home’s heating system needs to run more often to keep a consistent indoor temperature.

In the summer, heat will flow into your home, making your air conditioner work harder to keep the inside cool. Crawlspace insulation will help keep that heat out and keep your energy bills in check.

A well-insulated crawlspace will prevent expensive heat transfer from occurring, lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC system, and keep your energy costs low. In fact, most Seattle-area homeowners experience a decrease in energy costs of approximately 30% after insulating their crawl space.

Most utility companies will even offer you rebates for making insulation improvements to your home! For more information on available rebates visit our rebates page.

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Choosing Crawl Space Insulation:

There are a variety of insulations available on the market that work well in the crawl space. Fiberglass batting, foam board, and spray foam insulation are three of the most popular. At Clean Crawls, we prefer to work with spray foam insulation, due its incredible insulating properties, as well as its water resistance and air tight seal. Because the crawl space is often subject to condensation and moisture build up, insulation that is airtight to resist the air transfer that causes condensation is extremely helpful. Impermeability to water makes it resistant to molds and water damage.

Spray foam insulation also has the longest lifespan of any insulation currently on the market, maintaining full insulation capacity for 10+ years. This makes it a popular choice of crawl space insulation for those that are environmentally conscious.

It’s also important to have a properly installed vapor barrier, which we will custom cut and fit to your crawlspace. A vapor barrier will prevent groundwater from creating moisture problems and mold in your crawl space and in your insulation.

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