How does sealing and insulating an attic benefit a homeowner?

  • Prevents energy loss resulting in lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduces noise levels.
  • Keeps the roof cool in the summer.
  • Prevents premature roof deterioration and costly replacement.
  • Helps avoid ice buildup resulting in icicles, which wreaks havoc on a home’s structure.
  • Helps avoid excess moisture and condensation which can result in mold and mildew, affecting air quality and attic integrity.
  • Helps ensure a rodent/feces-free setting.

What is an R-Value and why is it important?

The higher the R-Value of the insulation, the more insulating power it contains. Simply speaking, “R” stands for Resistance, and therefore the efficiency of your insulation. Your Clean Crawls representative can work with you to get your attic up to Department of Energy R-Value standards, to keep warm and cold air from either escaping or entering the home.


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