Seattle Pest Control Services

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At Clean Crawls, we offer Seattle animal exclusion inspections, animal exclusion extermination, and animal exclusion preventative treatments for the interior and exterior of your home. Our professional team has years of experience that qualifies them to handle all aspects of animal removal both swiftly and carefully. To ensure future safety from returning animals, we also offer regular follow-up appointments for our clients throughout the Seattle area.


Questions to Ask Before Getting Pest Services

There are some basic questions we like to encourage our customers to consider in regards to their animal exclusion needs. By asking these questions, you can assess whether or not you need to enlist the help of a Seattle professional animal exclusion company.

  1. Is the issue widespread?
  2. Have other methods of animal removal been unsuccessful?
  3. Are there family members with allergies or health conditions threatened or exacerbated by these animals?
  4. Is the animal a dangerous species?
  5. Do you have a solid knowledge of how far-reaching the infestation is?
  6. Are these animals damaging the structure, flooring, walls, or ceiling of your home?
  7. Are these animals difficult to remove successfully, like ants, termites, or stinging insects?
  8. Could this infestation be an indication of a more serious problem within your home?


If any of the above questions received the answer ‘yes,’ then you should seriously consider contacting a certified animal exclusion company. Professional animal exclusion services can help you resolve your infestation problems and eliminate the risks these animals pose to your home and family.


Pest Control Highlights

At Clean Crawls, we offer animal exclusion inspections, exterminations, and preventative treatments throughout Seattle for the following animals:



While most ants are not poisonous, they can become an incredible nuisance to your home and family. Their tiny size enables them to get through the narrowest of cracks and thrive in the most inconvenient locations. Ants are attracted to areas of the house that have moisture and food, especially sweet or greasy foods. They are known to nest in insulation, wall cavities, flooring, the crawl space, and even behind cupboards. There are several scenarios in which professional assistance in removing these animals is recommended:

  • Small to large colonies (up to 500,000) with unidentified nest location
  • Over-the-counter means are unsuccessful
  • Ant colonies infesting insulation (may require new insulation)
  • Family members have allergies to dust or insect bites


Different types of ants require different methods of eradication, and home remedies are often not powerful enough to solve the issue. Our animal exclusion team is certified and skilled in handling ant removal efficiently and thoroughly.


Stinging Insects

Wasps, yellow jackets, and other stinging insects often find ideal nesting locations in older homes or homes without sealed attics. Wall cavities, attic spaces, eaves, and other areas are a few of the most common nesting locations for these animals.

Unlike other animals, these insects can pose serious health hazards to those with allergies. In addition, completing a thorough stinging insect removal is a tedious and dangerous project. It is recommended that stinging insect infestations be handled by a professional Seattle animal removal company, like the team here at Clean Crawls, so that the issue can be addressed quickly and permanently.



Rodent infestations are certainly among the worst types of infestations to experience. These messy, unpleasant invaders leave destroyed insulation, gnawed wires, holes in wooden beams, and droppings in their wake. These pesky critters can also carry diseases and animals into your homes, such as ticks and fleas.

Because rodents tend to be easily frightened and prefer their solitude, their nests are normally discovered in the parts of your home that are least visited. These areas might be up in your attic or deep down in your crawl space. There are several scenarios in which professional assistance in removing these animals is recommended.

  • Rodents continue to invade your home, despite successful trapping
  • Multiple mice nests have been discovered
  • Recurring rodent problem, despite appropriate responses to each invasion.


If you are experiencing any of the above situations, contact our Seattle rodent control team for an inspection and eradication.


Much More

Our animal exclusion services go far beyond the simple selection given above. At Clean Crawls, we provide spider removal, silverfish removal, earwig removal, and more.

While identifying the scope and and severity of your own animal problem can be a daunting task, the assistance of a professional, experienced animal exclusion service can serve to quickly identify the problem and draw up possible solutions. At Clean Crawls, we provide quality animal exclusion care for your Seattle home at affordable prices. For more information, give our office a call or fill out our contact form.