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Seattle Crawl Space Cleaning Pros

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We Go Where You Don’t Want To ™

Are you looking for the best Seattle crawls space cleaning pros? Chucks Henrichson started Clean Crawls in 2001 to provide homeowners just like you with the crawl space insulation removal and install services you need to dramatically improve energy efficiency, air quality (get rid of mold), and the reduction of dangerous rodents that cause germ infestations in your home. Did you know that most of the air you breathe comes straight from your attic and crawl? Getting a pro to clean your crawlspace is one of best things you can do to improve your air quality.


What’s in Your Crawl Space?™

Let’s face it, the pest control and Seattle crawl space remediation, clean out, and insulation businesses have their fair share of less-than-ethical participants and there are plenty of horror stories. You’re looking for fast, quality service at a fair price, which is difficult to find. As your original crawl space cleaning pros, we offer these three needs consistently, and our biggest challenge is to improve communication with our customer and within our organization to maintain these standards. Our mission at Clean Crawls is to deliver superior, healthy and clean environments that provide comfort and peace of mind while creating extraordinary relationships with our clients and one another. Our vision is excellence in serving people, and our core values are faith, quality, caring, and serving. It is through our mission, vision, and core values that we meet the market need.


Why We Give You Peace of Mind for Your Attic and Crawl™

  • We are the largest Seattle crawl space retrofit pros with the greatest capacity, so we can serve most homeowners needs faster than our competitors without being booked out too far out.
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee that is also backed by our production team’s training, mission, and compensation structure.
  • We recruit and maintain some of the best talents in the industry, who finish the job faster and better than most other companies, and if for any reason it is not right, we come back to the job site to work for free until it is.
  • We have been in business for over 16 years (and 21 years in the pest control business).
  • Received Angie’s List Super Service Award 10 years in a row.
  • A+ rating with the BBB for 21 years.
  • The number one producer and trusted contractor for PSE and PUD.


Seattle Crawl Space Cleaning Pros

We really do “Go Where You Don’t Want To™”. Our team of amazing crawl space cleaning pros will remove dirty insulation, animal contamination, feces, rotten wood, fungi, bad insulation, or anything else that will compromise the air quality or energy efficiency of your home. Bad smells are no fun to live with. We’ll also deodorize and sanitize your home so you don’t have to breathe in those nasty crawl space smells all day long. As your crawl space cleaning pros, we truly do provide peace of mind containment for residential and commercial buildings.


Crawl Space Pros Insulation Installation

We specialize in replacing poor insulation with clean, environment-safe insulation. We also provide insulation products and green products, including discounts, coupons, rebates, vouchers, and special offers from the top insulation manufacturers. If your home needs new insulation, you can have your attic and crawl spaces inspected by one of our insulation experts. Our experts can inspect your insulation and advise you in what type of insulation would best fit your needs.


Crawl Space Pros Vapor Barrier Installation

Clean Crawls installs crawl space vapor barriers that give you confidence in your home’s safety. Our team provides removal and replacement of vapor barriers in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. A well-installed vapor barrier drastically diminishes moisture build-up in the crawl space area, positively impacting the preservation and value of your home, the quality of the air you breathe, and the amount of energy you use for heating and cooling.


Crawl Space Pros Pest Control Services

Our experts provide both home and commercial building pest control. The pest control services we provide include interior and exterior pest control inspections, pest extermination, and pest control preventative treatments. We will solve your pest control problem in the long-term, not just the short-term, and successfully eradicate all pests from your building. Our regularly scheduled follow-ups ensure that your home remains safe from any further invasions.


Our Local Crawl Space Cleaning Pro Services

Looking to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to home improvement? This shocking research reveals the true return on investment for the most common remodeling projects! Guess which one actually delivers on the promise of adding value?

Project Project Cost Added Value

  • Basement Remodel $79,484 +$71,082
  • Roofing Replacement $22,436 +$20,378
  • Vinyl Window Replacement $15,627 +$14,377
  • Siding Replacement $16,011 +$13,740
  • Deck Addition $12,935 +$11,021
  • Entry Door Replacement $3,226 +$3,607 (+12% ROI)
  • Garage Door Replacement $1,852 +$2,007 (+8% ROI)
  • Fiberglass Attic Insulation $1,320 +$1,882 (43% ROI!)


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Our Other Locations

Our Other Locations

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