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A pest invasion in your home is alarming, to say the least. As a homeowner, knowing what to do about a pest control issue is difficult. 

We provide both residential home and commercial building pest control, including interior and exterior pest control inspections, pest extermination, and pest control preventative treatments throughout;

Our certified crew has years of experience handling all aspects of careful, affordable, and swift pest removal. Because we are devoted to solving your pest control problem in the long-term, not just the short-term, after we successfully eradicate all pests from your Seattle area home, we schedule regular follow-ups to ensure that your home remains safe from any further invasions.

Our Puget Sound Pest Control Services:

We follow industry standard procedures for pest removal. This can include;

  • biological pest control (the introduction of natural predators or repellents)
  • mechanical pest control (the construction of physical barriers to prevent further infestations)
  • elimination of breeding grounds and food sources
  • the use of both chemical and natural pesticides, and more. 

At Clean Crawls, we care about our environment and our local community throughout the Puget Sound area. Therefore, if natural methods are not available, we are careful about using the lowest toxicity treatment methods necessary. We ensure a thorough clean up, and take great care to provide exceptional services.

How Can I Know I Need a Pest Control Service?

 We encourage our Seattle area customers to consider some basic questions when determining whether they may need the services of a professional pest control company. If you answer yes to any of the following, it is likely that you will greatly benefit from enlisting our pest extermination services;

  • Is the issue widespread?
  • Have basic pest removal methods failed (i.e. killing visible pests, setting traps, etc)?
  • Is the invasive species dangerous?
  • Do any family members have allergies or health conditions that expose them to greater harm from the pests?
  • Is this an advanced invasion that is damaging the walls, flooring, ceiling, or structure of my home?
  • Am I unable to ascertain the extent of the pest invasion?
  • Is this pest very difficult to successfully remove, such as ants, stinging insect infestations, or termites?
  • Could this pest problem be an indication of a deeper and more serious issue within your home?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to pick up the phone rather than the pest repellant and give our certified pest treatment team a call.

Pest Control Treatment Highlights:

We provide interior and exterior pest control inspections, pest control extermination, animal contamination cleaning and disposal services, and pest control preventative treatments throughout Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Tacoma, Everett and Renton for the following pests:


There are many types of ants that can invade your home, such as the carpenter ant, black ants, and so on. While most ants are not venomous, they are a definite nuisance in the home.

Ant control can be difficult. They are able to enter the home through even the tiniest of cracks, swarming to the areas of the home that offer moisture and a food source – especially sweet or greasy foods. Nests are made in wall cavities, insulation, beneath flooring, behind cupboards, and in the crawl space. Professional ant removal services become necessary when there are large colonies (up to 500,000) that are unable to be eradicated with over-the-counter means. We recommend ant removal services for the following situations:

  • Small to large colony with unidentified nest source
  • Ant colonies in insulation (we also recommend installation of new insulation)
  • Family members have allergies to dust or insect bites

It is important to remember that various types of ants will require varying treatments to eradicate them. Home remedies are rarely powerful enough or the correct treatment for an ant infestation. Our pest removal service team is certified in ant removal in Seattle and can easily and quickly remove your ant infestation for you. We go where you don’t want to™


Rodents are messy, unpleasant home invaders. Mice and rats destroy home insulation, chew holes in wooden beams, gnaw wires, and leave droppings throughout the home. They carry diseases and other pests into the home as well, such as ticks and fleas.

Mice and rats generally inhabit the areas of the home least frequented, such as crawl spaces and attic insulation where they have access to food sources and moisture, and where they can build nests to begin reproducing. We recommend rodent removal services in the following situations:

  • Despite successfully trapping multiple mice, you continue to have rodents in your home
  • You’ve found multiple mice nests in your home
  • You have a recurring problem with rodent invasions – after one invasion is dealt with, it is a matter of weeks or months before there is another

For all rat infestations, we recommend that homeowners in Seattle contact our rodent control team for pest eradication.

Stinging Insects:

Wasps and yellow jackets are especially common in older homes with warm, unsealed attics. They can also build nests beneath the eaves of your home or in wall cavities. These insects can damage the structure of your home, including your insulation. Additionally, they present a health hazard to children or those with allergies. 

Our insect extermination team recommends that all stinging insect infestations be handled by a professional pest removal company in Seattle. Our team of certified pest removal professionals are able to quickly and permanently deal with any insect control needs.


Termites are active in nearly all of Washington state and are extremely destructive. While early spring is the swarming season, homeowners cannot rely on visible signs of termites to alert them to their presence. Termites can live in any part of the home, not only the crawl space or attic. They create pencil-sized tunnels that rapidly eat through the wooden supports, flooring, and even the wallpaper of your home structure for several years.

Termite extermination should never be a DIY project. The extent of the damage and difficulty of termite control make it a job for a professional pest control company. Termite extermination requires specialized tools and knowledgeable teams.

To help protect your home against a termite invasion, we strongly recommend that homeowners schedule regular inspections with a local termite control company, such as ours.

Other Pests:

Our professional pest control team is able to exterminate many other types of pests as well. Some of these include spider removal, roach removal, silverfish removal, flea removal, earwig removal, bird removal, bat removal, and more. 

If you are struggling through a pest invasion and need the expertise of pest removal professionals, give our office a call to schedule a consultation and inspection. Our highly trained pest extermination company is able to handle any pest problems you might experience. Our excellent service, guaranteed results, affordable prices and ongoing care for your home are exactly what you need.

Contact our office and let us handle your pest problem.


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