Mukilteo Crawl Space Cleaning

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Many homeowners in Mukilteo are devoted to keeping their homes and properties in excellent condition. This beautiful beach-front city is known for its charm and breath-taking views, as well as the lovely housing. But in the midst of lawn-care and general home upkeep, many homeowners forget about a vital area of their home — the crawl space. Unfortunately, this often leads to crawl spaces that are inefficient, poorly insulated, and damaging to home air quality. In extreme cases, they can even allow dangerous germs, spores, or toxins into the home! Our crawl space cleaning and insulation crew at Clean Crawls offers professional crawl space services, including cleaning, insulation installation, and vapor barrier installation. Our family-owned local business has spent years servicing local businesses and families in Mukilteo, creating a long track-record full of satisfied customers.  

Crawl Space Cleaning in Mukilteo

Crawl spaces are often dusty, cobwebby dirt holes beneath your house. Unfortunately, this is not going to help your home function efficiently when it comes to heating, cooling, and air quality control. Our crawl space cleaning team will remove dirty insulation, fungi, feces from pests, rotten wood, and other debris. If mold is present, we thoroughly clean the areas it is located. We vacuum the space thoroughly and ensure that all potentially harmful detritus is removed. Learn more…  

Crawl Space Insulation Installation in Mukilteo

The next part of a restored crawl space is the insulation. Approximately 40% of the air in your home is drawn up from the crawl space, thanks to the Stack Effect. This means that having a crawl space that is properly insulated will have an enormous impact on the heating and cooling systems in your home — not to mention your wallet. By insulating the crawl space and ensuring it is vented properly, you will find that your energy bill will go down while home comfort goes up. Our crawl space insulation team can help make that happen for your Mukilteo residence!  

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation in Mukilteo

A vapor barrier is an important aspect of your home. It prevents excess moisture and condensation from occurring in your crawl space and making its way through the rest of your home. As we all know, moisture is rapidly followed by mold, mildew, and pests. A vapor barrier, installed by an experienced crew, will greatly help to diminish the amount of moisture in your crawl space and home. This keeps your foundation, support beams, and home air quality thoroughly protected.  

Crawl Space Pest Control Services in Mukilteo

Pests are a common occurrence in the Pacific Northwest, and especially so along beach fronts where rats, mice, and otters love to hang out. Resolving a pest invasion can be difficult. Our crew of experienced pest control professionals offer interior and exterior pest control inspections, extermination, and preventative treatments for Mukilteo residents and businesses.  

Work With the Clean Crawls Team

We offer crawl space cleaning, insulation installation, and vapor barriers to businesses and homes throughout the entire Puget Sound area, including Mukilteo. We would be happy to be your crawl space resource. If you are interested in our professional crawl space services, contact our team to set up an appointment or to get a quote.