Mukilteo Attic Restoration

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Attics play a huge role in the overall condition of your home. When attics are not clean, sealed, and insulated, they can cause a strain on your utilities, as well as foul smells and unwanted pests. In fact, attics influence your homes to such a degree that having an uninsulated attic can cause a spike in energy bills during hot or cold months up to 30% or more.

At Clean Crawls, our teams of professional attic cleaning and insulation servicemen are here to help you get your attic back in shape. Rather than being the attraction for local squirrels, mice, and spiders, your attic can become a positive factor in your home. Our attic cleaning, insulation, and pest control services can transform your Mukilteo attic into one that is clean, safe, and energy efficient.


Mukilteo Attic Cleaning Services

It’s not uncommon to have holes, cracks, and leaks in your attics — but when is enough, enough? These holes actually cause more damage than you might think or see. They allow dust and rain to seep into the attic space, which attracts pests and greatly contributes to mold growth.

Worse, if water gets into your insulation, not only will it damage your insulation, but it will also enormously decrease the energy efficiency of that insulation. A thorough attic cleaning is needed from a professional attic service team.

Eliminate lost energy, moldy attics, and pests from your attic. Instead, make it useful and energy efficient!


Mukilteo Attic Insulation Services

The attic is an area in which insulation is vital. Without it, expensive energy soars up through your ceilings and out into the atmosphere, or it descends into your upstairs rooms. Both hot and cold air from the outdoors will significantly impact your home temperatures as it seeps through your attic space. In summer, hot air gathers in the attic, causing condensation in the ceiling of your upstairs rooms. In winter, valuable heat can be lost very quickly. A thorough attic cleaning and insulation installation will eliminate these problems.


Mukilteo Attic Pest Control

Pests of all kinds love attics — they are undisturbed, dusty, warm, secluded environments. Attics provide easy access to food in the rest of the home, as well as moisture. Unfortunately, these same pests can wreak havoc on your belongings and your attic insulation.

Our Mukilteo pest control services can help you exterminate unwanted attic intruders and return your upstairs to a quiet, well-kept, and well-insulated space.


Mukilteo Local Attic Services

Whether you’d like to use your attic for storage or additional living space, or if you want to simply improve the energy efficiency of your home, the attic servicemen at Clean Crawls are here to help you. Homeowners that convert their attics into functioning parts of their homes are consistently shocked at the amount of money that can be saved, the change in air quality, and the overall improved well-being of their home.

If you’d like to learn more about our Mukilteo attic cleaning and insulation installation services, we’d love to talk to you. You can contact our team directly here!