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Let Us Help You Save 30% On Your Energy Bills

By Chuck Henrichsen on January 17, 2014

shoeless-family_ssAccording to the Department of Energy, you can save 30% on your heating bills by sealing air leaks in your home and making sure you have enough insulation in your attic, crawlspace and walls.

To help you achieve these savings, Clean Crawls is offering 10% off* any work you do with us throughout the remainder (after 1/16/14) of January!

Up to 40% of the air you breathe comes from crawl spaces and attics - this is especially true in winter when windows and doors are shut tight. Let us help you maintain a clean, healthy and energy efficient home.

One way to tell if your crawlspace insulation is adequate is whether your floor is cold.

All floors without carpet will get cold in the winter, but if your floors don’t seem to heat up throughout the day, chances are you have a problem with the insulation in your crawl space.

* May not be combined with any other offer.

Chuck Henrichsen
President and CEO of Clean Crawls, Treasurer of E3 World Wide, proud husband and father.