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A correctly insulated home is paramount when it comes to saving money and maintaining the health of your home. Not only will effective insulation serve to sustain a low-toxin living environment with clean air, but it will also dramatically lower your monthly cooling and heating costs.

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The Benefits and Importance of Insulation

When you have your old, defunct insulation inspected and upgraded to new, high R-value insulation, you are able to reap several key benefits.


1. Better Regulation of Temperature

Insulation is the chief agent in preventing heat transfer through the walls, floor, and ceiling of both your attic and your crawl space. If your home contains some rooms that are better insulated than others, you will find that there is a substantial amount of difference in air temperature from room to room. Cold walls, chilly floors, or excessive heat in the attic and upstairs areas usually indicate that your home has trouble regulating its temperature.

This air transfer can have a ripple effect on your heating and cooling systems, and it can cause them to work twice as hard to make up for the energy loss in the home. Implementing new insulation in targeted areas of your home can greatly improve your home’s temperature regulation and reduce your energy costs as a result.


2. Prevent Moisture

Cracks and holes in an attic or crawl space can inadvertently let humidity and water seep in, and this moisture can settle in your home’s structure. Thriving in dim and warm conditions, mold and mildew can quickly take hold of your attic, crawl space, or wall cavities. When mold or mildew are present, your home’s air quality takes a significant hit throughout, and the home’s internal structures are at risk of decay. Proper air sealing and correctly choosing your insulation effectively blocks moisture, and it keeps your crawl space or attic completely dry and toxin free.


3. More Savings

Statistically, homes without proper insulation spend significantly more money on their monthly energy costs. When families invest in insulation services for their attic or crawl space, they get to treat themselves to an energy savings of 30% – 80% (contingent upon the state of the old insulation), merely because the insulation allows their homes to be much more eco-friendly and energy efficient than ever before. In cases such as these, the insulation installation essentially pays for itself within months.


Best Insulation Types

When it comes to insulation, spray foam insulation is superior to most other insulation types on the market. Spray foam insulation works by combining two composite materials together and causing a reaction which results in an expanding, dense foam.


1. Powerful Insulator

Spray foam insulation not only boasts the highest R-value on the market, but it is capable of filling and sealing any cracks, holes, or other hard-to-reach places with its expanding material. Thus, spray foam insulation prevents any air transfer or head or moisture within your home.


2. Barrier Against Moisture

Different from cellulose or fiberglass insulation, spray foam insulation is 100% water resistant. Able to seal and protect your attic and crawl space from unwanted moisture, spray foam’s one-of-a-kind compound structure completely eliminates the chance for mildew or mold to grow.


3. Keeps Rodents at Bay

Spray foam insulation’s hard exterior of closed-cells makes for a strong deterrent to any pests who have been thinking about nesting in it or using the material for their nest construction. The result of this is that your home will be substantially less likely to ever experience a rodent infestation.

To further educate yourself about insulation and what may be the best fit for your home, download our free eBook guide, “The Homeowners Insulation Handbook” to learn more.

Perhaps you are still unsure about whether or not your home is in need of new insulation; if so, one of our insulation experts here at Clean Crawls would be happy to inspect your attic and crawl space and offer a diagnosis. We will advise you as to whether or not you would benefit from new insulation and which types of insulation best suit your needs. We can also provide a quote for our professional insulation services.


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