Insulation Installation Services in Lacey

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Keeping clean, well-maintained crawl space areas around your home is more important than most homeowners think. Crawl space areas that are uncared for will result in diminished air quality and energy efficiency around your home. Crawl spaces can even become a source of mold, germs, and toxins that put your entire household at risk.

At Clean Crawls, we offer high-quality, professional crawl space cleaning, as well as vapor barrier and insulation installation. Our family-owned business has spent years servicing local Bellevue families and businesses with effective crawl space services.

Crawl Space Cleaning Services in Bellevue

Having an effective, functioning crawl space begins with cleaning. Our team of qualified specialists will go into your crawl space and remove all waste from your crawl space. We remove dirty insulation, feces, fungi, rotting wood, debris, and other waste that may reduce air quality in your house. Click here to learn more about our crawl space cleaning services in Bellevue.


Crawl Space Insulation Installation

Once your crawl space is cleaned out, it’s time to insulate it. Approximately 40% of the air inside your house is drawn up from your crawl space, so it’s important to have protection against moisture. Installing the right insulation and ventilation in your crawl space will make your house more energy efficient and more comfortable to live in.


Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor barriers are often overlooked by homeowners, but they are a pivotal part of your house. Like the name indicates, vapor barriers prevent moisture accumulation and condensation in your crawl space. This, in turn, prevent mold and mildew growth, as well as wood rotting. Avoiding moisture build up means high indoor air-quality, and also keeps your foundation and support beams secure.


Crawl Space Pest Control Services in Bellevue

Any pest infestation around your house, regardless if it’s rodent, insect, or arachnid, is alarming. We provide pest control services in Bellevue for both indoor and outdoor pests. Knowing how to solve a pest infestation by yourself is very difficult, so give us a call and we will inspect, exterminate, and provide preventive measures so the pests never return.


Local Bellevue Crawl Space Cleaning Services

At Clean Crawls, we offer crawl space cleaning services, crawl space insulation installation, and vapor barrier installation throughout Bellevue. We also serve other cities such as Kirkland, Seattle, Redmond, Renton, Everett, Mt. Vernon, Marysville, Olympia, Tacoma, Woodinville, Arlington, and more.

Interested in hiring professional crawl space services? Our team of qualified experts will be more than glad to help you increase your air quality and lower energy costs today. Contact us by filling out our online contact form. Get in touch with us now!