Seattle Home Insulation Services

Well-insulated homes have a tremendous effect on saving you money on your energy bills. Proper insulation stabilizes your home’s temperatures and keeps outside air outside. Insulation has the added benefit that it maintains good health by ensuring quality air in your home and reducing the toxins entering your home.

Clean Crawls is skilled at the removal and replacement of bad insulation in your home and offers high-quality eco-friendly options for replacement. We provide Seattle homeowners a number of insulation products as well as exclusive offers from the best manufacturers in the market.

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Importance of Insulation in Seattle Homes

Seattle’s weather and climate changes drastically with each season, which is why your home requires insulation that can properly accommodate changes in temperature throughout the year. Your home must endure the hot summers as well as the cool parts of the year when animals begin to seek shelter. This is why insulation with a high R-value is important.

Temperature Regulation

Insulation traps heat and cold in your home by not allowing it to pass beyond the floors, walls, ceiling, and crawl space of your home. Conversely, uneven insulation allows air to escape and prevents your home from regulating temperature. Common signs that your home is not regulating temperature properly are cold floors and walls, as well as excessive heat in your crawl spaces and attic. If you discover this is the case in portions of your home, then your HVAC system is working extra hard to keep your house at the desired temperature. Locating these areas of patchy insulation and replacing or repairing old and damaged insulation will likely solve this problem.

Moisture Prevention

Seattle residents are very familiar with the wet and rainy seasons we experience. Cracks and holes in your attic or crawl space can allow this moisture to enter your home. If moisture gets into these spaces, mold and mildew can begin to grow in the dark warm spots of your attic or crawl space, the perfect location for mold colonies to spread from and infest your home. Moldy insulation must be removed and replaced with new clean insulation to ensure your home’s air remains toxin free.

Money Savings

Compromised insulation can be the cause of high energy bills and even health costs. The investment in new, properly installed insulation in your Seattle home can often pay for itself in a matter of months.  

The Best Insulation for Seattle Homes

By far the best form of modern insulation is spray foam insulation, which uses chemical reactions from two materials that bond on contact to expand and create a dense foam insulation.

Strong Insulator

Another advantage of spray foam is that is has the best R-value out of the different types of insulation. Spray foam by design fills cracks and can get into hard to reach places ensuring that moisture cannot infiltrate your home. Additionally, it locks in heat and cold to further regulate temperature.

Moisture Barrier

Fiberglass and cellulose insulation are not 100% water resistant, while spray foam insulation is 100% water resistant. Additionally, spray foam compounds work to prohibit the growth of mildew and mold.

Pest Prevention

The hard texture of spray foam insulation presents a difficult barrier for most animals. Other insulations are perfect nesting material for insects and rodents, but, because of its hardened nature, animals are far less likely to infiltrate your home and nest with spray foam insulation.   If you have questions or doubts about whether your home needs new insulation, contact us to learn more about getting an inspection for your attic or crawl space. The team at Clean Crawls provides expert advice and understands the unique insulation needs of your Seattle home. We offer installation of the best insulation on the market, and will work with you to determine which insulation best fits your home’s needs. To learn more about the services that we offer, contact Clean Crawls today!