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If you reside in the Arlington area, you know how crucial it is to ensure your attic and crawl space are properly insulated. Not only is this essential in helping you save money from energy costs, it is vital in providing quality air and reduced toxicity in your home, dramatically impacting the health of your family.

At Clean Crawls, we’re experts at replacing old or bad insulation with a quality product that is environmentally safe, clean and installed by our team of highly qualified professionals. We maintain an inventory that allows for a wide variety of choices for insulation of your attic and crawl space, including green products. If you’re looking for a fair market price and reliable, professional insulation installation in Arlington, Clean Crawls is for you.

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Insulation Services in Arlington

There are many reasons why you might need new insulation – anything from an unexpected increase in power costs to unsavory smells coming from a source you’re not sure of can be a good reason to revamp your insulation. Here are three sure signs that you should give Clean Crawls a call:

1. Your Crawl Space Smells Bad

If your crawl space has not had a thorough cleaning lately, you may notice unpleasant odors emanating from it. This could be the result of a buildup of mold or mildew, or it could be coming from insulation that has become soiled. It could also be due to an infestation of rodents. Whatever the cause, we’re equipped to immediately remedy the problem for you.

2. Your Floors Are Cold

Cold air traveling up from your crawl space to your flooring can cause these floors to feel extremely cold to the touch. If you’re experiencing this in your Arlington home, chances are your crawl space either does not have enough suitable insulation in it, or the insulation needs to be replaced with a new, clean and quality product.

3. Your Power Bills Are Raising

Whether it be in your attic or your crawl space, improper or inadequate insulation is one of the primary reasons for mounting power costs. In the cold, winter months, poor insulation can result in increased heating costs, and in summer, increased cooling costs.


The Benefits of New Insulation

In terms of the value to your family’s health, nothing else is of more importance in your home than replacing old or inadequate insulation with a clean, new product. Aside from this benefit, there are three primary areas where new insulation provides your Arlington home with a new quality of life.

1. Eliminating Moisture Concerns

When it comes to your attic and crawl space, one of the most beneficial effects of new insulation is its ability to keep moisture out of the home. Moisture enters into your home via crevices and holes in the home’s structure, typically located in the attic and/or crawl space. If this moisture is not contained, it creates an environment where mildew and mold are encouraged to grow.

Ensuring that your home is properly insulated and vapor barriers are installed will keep moisture out of your home, maintaining a healthier environment for both your home and your family.

2. Regulating Temperatures

There is nothing more vital in making sure the temperatures within your home are regulated than installing new insulation in your attic and crawl space. Proper insulation impedes heat and cold from moving through walls, floors, and ceilings into the rooms of your home. If you’ve begun to notice that one room is warmer or colder than another, or that your floors are cold to the touch, that’s a good indication that you need new insulation.

3. Containing Power Costs

Having new, energy efficient insulation installed in your home can reduce your energy costs by as much as 30-80 percent on an average, annual basis. This savings is significant and can lead to a better lifestyle for you and your family over time. In the short term, these savings will pay for the costs of installation of new insulation over just a period of months.


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Making sure you have good insulation in your Arlington home’s crawl space and attic provides a whole host of benefits, chief of which is ensuring the air you and your family breathes is clean and toxic free. Combine that with the elimination of moisture and saving money each month on your power bill, and you can easily understand the importance of consulting us the minute you suspect a problem – if not before!

We’ve been serving the Northwest since 2001, and our reputation for excellence in customer service and satisfaction is unparalleled. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.