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How to Identify a Reliable Crawl Space Cleaning Company

By Clean Crawls on September 6, 2017

If your home has an attic or crawl space, at some point in the life of your home those areas are going to need a thorough cleaning and routine maintenance or repair. Crawl spaces and attics have a tendency to collect dust, allergens, and potentially toxic substances that can affect the quality of air in your home and the health of both you and your family.

Crawl space cleaning is not something someone should attempt on their own though, as there are numerous hazards and safety concerns that must be considered in order to clean effectively and without putting your own health at risk.

identify a reliable crawl space cleaning company

Identifying A Reliable Crawl Space Cleaning Company

As with all contracting jobs, how does a homeowner go about finding a service that can deliver top quality services? After all, many general contractors say they offer crawlspace and attic cleaning services, but how do you know they are legitimately qualified to clean those areas of your home properly? We’ve put together a list of important factors to look for when considering a crawl space cleaning company for your home.


Standards and Crawl Space Cleaning: A Good Contractor’s First Priority

There are strict safety guidelines that govern crawl space and attic cleaning. If you are looking at a contractor to work in your home, they should adhere to the following guidelines closely:

  • The jobsite must be evaluated by a qualified professional as to whether the jobsite crawl spaces or attics are considered a confined space or a permit-required confined space.
  • Should a crawl space or attic be defined by the evaluator to be a permit-required space (rare for homes, common for commercial spaces), appropriate steps must be taken to ID entry and exit sites and limitations, proper ventilation must be ensured for the entire space, and any potential safety and health hazards need to be eliminated or controlled before a worker can enter the space.
  • Even if the space is in a residential home and not classified technically as “confined”, it may still require special considerations in order to get any work done, since crawl spaces are notoriously tight and difficult to work in.
  • Internal air quality of the space to be cleaned must be determined before workers can enter. This means that no entry is allowed if toxic or flammable airborne or solid substances are present or general oxygen levels are too low. A notorious danger in our area is mold. If there is mold present you definitely want a specialist to treat the crawl space before anyone considers doing any work.
  • If a permit must be issued following evaluation, this means that any hazards have to be controlled or removed prior to workers entering the site, and rescue procedures and equipment must be ready on site before work can begin.
  • Should the air inside a space be deemed unsafe, workers must be issued ventilation equipment, personal protective gear, and any other safety measures necessary to keep everyone working safely.

A good contractor will be extremely open about how they ensure the safety of their workforce on site, and you should have no trouble providing a safety evaluation of your crawl spaces or attic prior to beginning work or quoting you a price.


What To Do When Hiring a Quality Crawl Space Cleaning Company

There are a few factors you need to lockdown specifically with your crawl space cleaning company before you hire them. Here’s the rundown:

Verify They Are Licensed

It would normally go without saying, but sometimes the charisma of the contractor and low-ball quote they make for services can draw even the most savvy customer into an agreement before they realize it. Be sure to verify that the crawl space cleaning company you are considering has the proper licenses and credentials before hiring.

Verify Their Insurance

It takes a phone call to an insurance agent to verify that a company carries insurance on all their work. Insurance protects you and your contractor, so make it a point to check out their insurance coverage when your are verifying their licensure, too.

Insist On A Contract

Always get a line item contract of what work will and will not be completed during the cleaning process in writing, as well as what liabilities belong to you and to the contractor. Putting everything in writing gives everyone peace of mind, and is the professional thing to do on the contractor’s part.

Get A Warranty On The Work

Any contractor worth what you pay them is going to guarantee their work with a genuine warranty that covers the work itself and their labor. A quality contractor is unafraid to stand behind what they do. You may also want to inquire about warranties provided by the manufacturer of the insulation and the other suppliers that your contractor is using.

Ask For References and Follow Up

What do past customers have to say about them? Find out and call them, or go online and see how they rate on sites like Angie’s List or Google Reviews. Real people will be honest about how happy or unhappy they were with the crawl space company’s service. The contractor should also have ample testimonials and/or case-studies showing successful work accomplished and happy customers as a result.


Hiring A Reliable Company

Taking the time to complete a due diligence examination of a crawl space cleaning company is crucial to identifying a reliable service provider who delivers on their promises to customers.

If you live in the greater Seattle area and are looking to improve the quality of your home, consider a call to the experts at Clean Crawls. Their years of expertise and professionalism will ensure that your get the work you pay for on every project. Visit their site or contact them today for more information.


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