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How Insects Destroy Attic Insulation

By Chuck Henrichsen on November 17, 2015

Large insect infestations are common occurrences in Western, Washington. Thankfully, these can be skillfully handled by professional animal exclusion companies, such as ours.

One of the most common locations for insect infestations is the attic insulation. After the animals have been exterminated, many homeowners assume that the problem has been solved. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Once any animals have invaded insulation, to ensure a full eradication, the insulation must be replaced.

Purpose of Attic Insulation

Attic insulation serves a number of purposes in Pacific Northwest homes, such as regulating temperatures, increasing energy efficiency, and lowering energy expenses for homeowners. The condition of your insulation determines how well it is accomplishing these goals. If your insulation is flattened, wet, dirty, or shredded, it cannot properly function as an insulator for your home.

What Insects do to Attic Insulation

If you’ve got insects in your insulation, it means trouble. As these animals breed, nest, and spread inside the walls of your home, they wreak havoc on your insulation. Here’s how:

1. Nesting and Tunneling

Insects like ants and termites gnaw their way through materials to create hundreds of tiny tunnels. As they breed and multiply, they must also expand the size of their nest.

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Insulation is comprised of billions of tiny air pockets. These pockets trap warm air, shielding it from passing through the walls of your home. When insects come along and chew holes through this material, air and energy are allowed to pass easily through the insulation, completely undermining the purpose of the material altogether. Even though these tunnels may be hard to see, they will dramatically affect the efficiency of your insulation.

2. Food and Debris

Like any living creature, insects need food to live and survive. They can collect this food from a single food source or small food particles throughout your house or outdoors. As these insects live, work, and function, they start to accumulate a stash of food and debris. Where does it all end up? You guessed it: in your insulation.

The presence of foreign materials is bad for your insulation. Not only does it eliminate its insulating capacity, but it also exposes your attic and home to a number of foreign substances that can lead to mold growth, fungi, and additional animals.


3. Moisture Exposure

As these insects tunnel in and around your home, it is very likely that they will also find ways to tunnel outside. The exposure to moisture-laden outdoor air, combined with the moisture that the insects bring back into your insulation for the nest, will plug the air pockets that act as the insulator in your insulation, making it easy for energy to escape through the walls of your home.

4. Mold and Mildew

The attic conditions are ideal for mold and mildew growth. It’s dark, undisturbed, and shielded from the outdoors. Usually, the only missing factor is the presence of water. Thanks to your insect infestation, moisture can now get inside and mold and mildew will grow freely in your insulation — even after the insects have been killed.

5. Post-Treatment Disease

Even after the animals have been treated by a professional animal exclusion company, you still have one major problem: the carcasses. Piled inside your insulation are thousands of tiny insect bodies that will start decaying. Not only is this situation ideal from disease to spread, but these bodies will invite even more animals inside your home.


Pest Control and Attic Insulation

Animals will certainly do a noticeable amount of damage to your insulation, but the impact that they can have on the rest of your home is even more significant. If you have an insect infestation in your home, it is vital that you contact your local animal exclusion company before the situation gets any worse.

A thorough attic cleaning and fresh attic insulation is the next step in restoring your home’s health, efficiency, and safety.

Contact Clean Crawls and Pest Solutions

Our animal exclusion service branch here at Clean Crawls is called Pest Solutions. At Pest Solutions, our technicians have the training and experience necessary to ensure that the insect infestation in your home is fully and permanently dealt with. We offer insect removal services and an ongoing animal maintenance plan to ensure that the animals never return.

Following our thorough animal removal, a team of attic restoration professionals can ensure that your attic is fully cleaned out, insulated, and restored to its original integrity. Don’t wait to have frustrating animals eradicated from your home. Contact us today at (866)-607-8288 for animal exclusion services and attic insulation services.


Chuck Henrichsen
President and CEO of Clean Crawls, Treasurer of E3 World Wide, proud husband and father.