Flooding: Emergency Crawl Space Or Basement Water Pumping. Lynden & Whatcom County

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the Western Washingtonians affected by flooding. You are part of our extended family, and Clean Crawls is here to help you with the aftermath and damages caused to your home. If the unfortunate is a reality for you – please call our Direct Support Hotline at 360-899-1118 for licensed contractors that can help you from A-Z with the work needed to make you whole again. For those negatively affected by the inclement weather – Clean Crawls has instituted a temporary 20-20 Promotion that will save you money on all Clean Crawls related work. From everyone at Clean Crawls, stay safe, warm, and dry this rainy season.


Clean Crawls is the original crawl space clean out specialist. With almost two decades in the industry we have helped thousands of homeowners remove water from their crawl space, and we are experts in assessing and helping you with all the work needed in your crawl space or attic.


The rain means seasonal crawl space flooding for many homeowners in Western Washington which can cause mold to grow. In addition to the damage caused by flooding such as wood rot and structural damage, mold can create unhealthy air and affect those with respiratory or immune system problems. Clean Crawls provides mold remediation, so if you suspect you have mold in your attic or crawl space call Clean Crawls today and we will have a crew at your home tomorrow to remove the water and begin the dry out process.

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