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Energy Savings through Summertime Insulation

By Chuck Henrichsen on August 14, 2013

Here in the Greater Seattle area, our weather woes don’t include excruciating heat. Sure, August might produce some 90’s or even triple-digits, but the average Seattle summer temperature is around 80 degrees. Even then, the duration of that warmth is often painfully short. Needless to say, air conditioning cost is not the Northwest homeowner’s primary concern.

So why mention summertime insulation? That can be answered by an article from Bright Energy Inc. Not only did we find the blog post informative and helpful, but we found it to be some great food for insulation-related thought. Situated in the Orlando region of Florida, Bright Energy has experience with both green energy and insulation installation for homes in extreme heat. We found their article to be full of that specific expertise -- expertise that we think is worth sharing, even if it may not apply directly to Seattle.

...or does it?

Insulation is a Two-Way Street

Insulation is crucial for the fall and winter, when cold air needs to be kept outside where it belongs. On the other hand, summertime requires cool air to stay inside, keeping the home safe and sound. The reason we mention both (and the reason why Bright Energy’s article is valuable to any region) is the simple fact that both extremes are managed by proper insulation. As a result, one informed step can ensure energy savings and comfortable living all year round.

As you read through Bright Energy’s post, keep both seasonal extremes in mind. Whether warm air needs to be kept in or out, insulation will secure energy savings and lower utility bills. Not sure how your home’s insulation is performing? Contact an attic and crawlspace professional, get an inspection, and take the necessary steps towards an energy efficient home.

Chuck Henrichsen
President and CEO of Clean Crawls, Treasurer of E3 World Wide, proud husband and father.