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Dangers of an Unfinished Attic

By Chuck Henrichsen on June 30, 2016

As a company that is passionate about attic insulation installation, we care a great deal about correctly finished attics and keeping your family safe. Here are some reasons why you’ll want to verify that your attic is sturdy and finished.

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Risk of Falling and Ceiling Cracking

Many older attics do not have full floors. Instead, beams and periodic boards must be used when moving through the attic. If you’re spending any amount of time walking around up in your unfinished attic, your danger of falling through the ceiling is quite high.

When we are completing an attic insulation installation or an attic cleanout, we encounter many folks who store a lot of their personal belongings up in the attic. This presents an elevated risk because there is a lot more foot traffic through the attic.

Additionally, having the heavy weight of your stored items in an unfinished attic can present a hazard as belongings can crack the ceiling or even break through completely.

Poorly Installed Insulation

With factors to face such as impaired air quality, efficiency for your home, and pest invasions, there are plenty of good reasons to have a proper attic insulation installed.

Much of your home’s air, hot or cold, will escape through the attic area without proper insulation. With your home’s efficiency compromised, your air conditioner or furnace will be working overtime to correct the imbalance, sticking you with the high energy bill.

If in addition to having improper insulation, you neglect to conduct an attic cleaning or attic cleanout, you’ll also experience diminished air quality throughout the home. Mold and mildew can accumulate quickly in an unfinished, uninsulated attic and propagate their mycotoxins throughout the home’s air. And if your attic also has experienced pest invaders, such as rodents, you’ll be exposed to the toxic matter left behind in their waste as well.

Pests are a big consideration in an unfinished attic. When completing an attic insulation installation, we’re always careful to make sure that the pests do not have a clear point of access to your home. Having a clean, insulated attic protects from all of the damage and dangers.

If your attic is in need of some special attention, we’re here to be your resource. As an attic insulation company and cleaning professionals, we can head straight into your attic and provide an assessment of its condition. For more information, contact us directly to speak with one of our attic professionals.


Chuck Henrichsen
President and CEO of Clean Crawls, Treasurer of E3 World Wide, proud husband and father.

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