Crawl Space Cleaning Kirkland

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The soothing views of Puget Sound water and the graceful flight of seabirds lose their impact when homeowners return to a less-than-fresh – and potentially toxic – home. Do you realize the stale air and unpleasant odors may be floating up from your unseen crawl space?

A neglected crawl space drastically decreases air quality and brings germs and dangerous toxins into the connected living space. For homeowners, this means less-than-ideal living conditions and even illness.

Unfortunately, many Kirkland residents simply do not know the need to care for their crawl spaces because these fixtures are often out of sight and out of mind. At Clean Crawls, our mission is to bring you comfort and peace of mind through a superior, healthy, and clean living environment. We take pride in our professional crawl space cleaning services, vapor barrier services, and insulation installation.  

Crawl Space Cleaning for Kirkland Homes

One peek into your crawl space likely reveals plenty of debris. Fortunately, Clean Crawls can get your crawl space in tip-top shape. We’re not afraid to enter this intimidating space and remove fungi, rodent feces, rotting wood, dirty insulation, nesting materials, rodent remains and more. Our crawl space cleaning team has your back! You might wonder: why all the fuss? After all, no one sees this side of your home. The truth is that cleaning your crawl space improves the air quality of your home, decreases energy bills, prevents damage to your subfloor and deters pests from taking up residence.  

Crawl Space Insulation Installation

Crawl space air drifts throughout your home. Properly insulating your crawl space reduces the loss of heat on cooler days and the transfer of heat when the temperatures rise. As you may have guessed, this increases your home’s energy efficiency. Insulation also protects your pipes in cold temperatures to prevent freezing during our chilly Northwest winters.  

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Moisture in the air from living near Puget Sound poses a serious threat to Kirkland home foundations, support beams, and air quality. Clean Crawls professionally and correctly installs a vapor barrier to resist the mold, mildew and wood rot which accompanies this excess moisture and condensation. A vapor barrier guards those in your home suffering from allergies when the season hits. Wood decay due to moisture also introduces rot and mold, both of which trigger allergies. With proper vapor barrier protection, moisture underneath your home is reduced and this threat is removed.  

Crawl Space Pest Control Services

A look around your crawl space may end quickly when vermin, rodents, and insects peer back at you in your flashlight’s beam. While a part of the intrinsic beauty of the Kirkland landscape, most homeowners prefer critters to stay outside of their homes. Inconvenience, home damage, and odors caused by pests all give homeowners a good reason to chase them back to their natural habitat. A call to Clean Crawls brings certified interior and exterior pest control crew members to your Kirkland home’s front door. We eradicate the cause of foul smells that seep into your home. After we go through your crawl space, there’s no more worrying about scratching sounds that keep you up at night; we toss out those unwanted guests permanently.Whether you need a pest control inspection, extermination or prevention treatment, we are prepared to deliver with quality and care. Plus, our commitment to you brings our team back for regular follow-ups to ensure pests understand your no-vacancy policy.  

Professional Crawl Space Maintenance

Family-owned Clean Crawls serves you to ensure your Kirkland home remains as beautiful as the surrounding Puget Sound area,  while also keeping your family safe and healthy. Willing to do the dirty work in an efficient and professional manner, we return your home to an enjoyable state in short order. After all, our relationship with you is the heart of the Clean Crawls mission: “…to deliver superior, healthy and clean environments that provide comfort and peace of mind while creating extraordinary relationships with our clients and one another.” To get your Kirkland home crawl space ship-shape in no time, contact us today. We would love to set up an appointment, get you a quote or simply tell you about our crawl space maintenance services.