Crawl Space Cleaning Kenmore

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Many homeowners are completely unaware of the importance of crawl space maintenance; consequently, most homes have crawl space areas that significantly reduce the air quality and energy efficiency of the home. Dirty crawl space areas can even allow germs and dangerous toxins into your home that could affect your entire family.

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Does your boat look cleaner than your crawl space? If so, then call Clean Crawls. At Clean Crawls in Kenmore, we offer professional crawl space cleaning, insulation and vapor barriers at competitive prices you won’t find anywhere else in the Puget Sound area. For years our family-owned company has served local businesses and families in Kenmore with our high-quality crawl space cleaning services.  

Crawl Space Cleaning

What is the first step to creating and maintaining a functioning and efficient crawl space in your home? Clean it! Cleaning your crawl space on a regular basis means keeping up a happy and healthy home. Our crawl space cleaning team at Clean Crawls goes into your home’s crawl space area and eradicates every hygienic issue in a crawl space area, including germs, dangerous toxins, and poor air quality. Our staffers remove dirty insulation, fungi, debris, rotten wood, animal fecal matter and anything else that could damage the quality of your home’s air or reduce your home’s environmental efficiency.  

Crawl Space Insulation Installation in Kenmore

After cleaning out your crawl space, the next step is to insulate the area. Our cleaning team at Clean Crawls can do that for you as well. Because so much of the air in your home gets drawn through the crawl space, your crawl space must be properly insulated. The air must be warm, moisture-free, and clean as possible. Insulating your home’s crawl space and ensuring proper, well-working ventilation doesn’t just mean the air in your home becomes healthier. It also means that your energy bills go down while your comfort at home goes up!  

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation in Kenmore

Our crawl space cleaning team at Clean Crawls doesn’t just install insulation. We also install vapor barriers in your crawl space area. A properly installed vapor barrier is one of the most important aspects of your home. Vapor barriers in your crawl space can prevent excess moisture and condensation from entering and accumulating in your crawl space. Moisture and damp air create an ideal environment for things like mold, mildew and wood rot to flourish. These things significantly impact the air quality and overall cleanliness and comfort of your home. A properly installed vapor barrier in your crawl space can remove moisture and damp air from your crawl space while keeping the foundation, support beams and air quality of your home clean, safe and intact.  

Crawl Space Pest Control Services in Kenmore

Lastly, our crawl space cleaning team at Clean Crawls can help you with pest control. Pests are unwelcome in any home, and an invasion or infestation is alarming at best and totally disgusting at worst. As a homeowner, you know how difficult it is to effectively solve a pest issue in your home, so Clean Crawls has you covered. We help remove any pests from your home to restore comfort and cleanliness to where you live. We do this by providing interior and exterior pest control inspections and exterminations, as well as preventive treatments to reduce the chances of the issue happening again.  

Kenmore Local Crawl Space Services

We offer crawl space cleaning, insulation, and vapor barrier services to the entire Puget Sound area. We are proud to serve Kenmore and the surrounding towns in the Lake Washington area. Along with Kenmore, we clean crawl spaces in Olympia, Tacoma, Kirkland, Redmond, Renton, Everett, Marysville, Woodinville, Arlington, Mt. Vernon, Seattle, and more. If you are interested in our professional and high-quality crawl space cleaning services, contact our team to set up an appointment or to get a quote today. We look forward to hearing from you!