Crawl Space Cleaning Service Vancouver

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Maintenance for crawl spaces is often overlooked by homeowners. Due to this seemingly small oversight, many crawl space areas create Vancouver homes with low energy-efficiency and poor air quality. Because of the dirt and deteriorating insulation in a neglected crawlspace, contaminants escape the crawl space and infiltrate your home’s air with harmful toxins and germs.

For years, Clean Crawls has helped residents of the Pacific Northwest with their crawl space problems. We offer high-quality products and services in Vancouver, such as:

  • Professional crawl space cleaning
  • Insulation installation
  • Vapor barriers

Crawl Space Cleaning Services in Vancouver

Crawl space cleaning is the first step to improving the function and efficiency of your home. After scheduling an appointment, the Clean Crawls cleaning team will clear out any debris that is damaging your home and attracting pests. Once all the debris and contaminants are removed, Clean Crawls deodorizes and sanitizes the crawl space air of your Vancouver office building or home. We will contain, localize, and clean the air contaminants from harmful particles and moisture.

Installing Crawl Space Insulation

After thoroughly cleaning your crawl space, Clean Crawls will install proper insulation to help purify your air and save your money on your energy bills. Approximately 40 percent of the air in your home circulates through the crawl space, so it’s imperative to keep the crawl space air dry, clean, and warm. Using environmentally friendly insulation and properly venting the space will reduce your energy bill and increase the comfort level of your Vancouver home.

Installing Vapor Barriers

A properly installed vapor barrier is essential to protecting your home from the effects of moisture or damp air. If left unchecked, your building could suffer from: These issues pose serious health and structural risks to your Vancouver home. Vapor barriers eradicate these issues, protecting your crawl space from moisture and water build up.

Vancouver Crawl Space Pest Control Services

As anyone knows, pest invasions can be very detrimental to your health and home. We assist Vancouver residents with navigating the difficulties of pest invasions and subsequent pest eradication. In addition to pest control inspections to the interior and exterior of your home, we also offer pest disposal services in Vancouver. To prevent future invasions, we recommend recurring pest control treatments throughout the Vancouver area.  

Our Crawl Space Services in Vancouver

We take pride in protecting Vancouver area crawl spaces and ensuring better quality air and energy efficiency for the homes of our community. If you are interested in professional crawl space cleaning services, contact our team to set up a consultation or get a quote!