Crawl Space Cleaning Service Port Orchard

Usually, most homeowners don’t put a lot of thought into their crawl space, an area under the house often left forgotten. This is unfortunate, as it’s an important part of your Port Orchard home’s structure. Without the right kind of maintenance and care, a dirty crawl space will cause major structural damage and contamination in your home’s airflow.

Fortunately, residents in Port Orchard have Clean Crawls to do the dirty work. For over twenty years, Clean Crawls has offered friendly and affordable crawl space services to those in the Port Orchard area.

crawl space cleaning port orchard

Cleaning Services for Your Port Orchard Crawl Space

When it comes to caring for your crawlspace, the first and most important step is ensuring that it’s thoroughly cleaned. Over time, moisture, dirt, and animals will move their way into your crawl space, destroying the structure and insulation of your house. Not only will this cost you in utility bills, it will lead to health problems due to low-quality air wafting into your home. After our initial inspection, our Port Orchard crawl space cleaning team will go to work ridding your crawl space of anything that could negatively affect the efficiency, safety, or air quality of your Port Orchard home. Some of the things we will remove from under your house include:
  • Decomposing wood
  • Old and dirty insulation
  • Miscellaneous garbage
  • Animal contamination and feces
  • Fungi/mold
  Once we rid your home of these harmful elements, we deodorize and sanitize your crawl space so that clean air will flow through your crawl space and into your home. Additionally, we care about the environment in Port Orchard and make a point of focusing on safe and sustainable ways to care for your home.  

Installing Crawl Space Insulation in Port Orchard

Once your crawl space is cleaned, it will look like a completely new area. But our work isn’t done – the next step is ensuring your crawl space is properly insulated to keep your home’s airflow and energy efficiency healthy. Approximately 40% of your home’s airflow circulates through your crawl space and into your home, so it’s vital that it remains dry and at the right temperature to prevent the spread of contaminants. Damaged or dirty insulation could fill the air with spores from mildew and mold, which would then drift into your home. Our Port Orchard crawl space cleaning team does more than just clear out your space – they inspect your insulation to ensure that it’s doing its job properly. If we find any issues, we resolve them by installing new, environmentally compliant insulation and ensuring that your crawl space is properly ventilated – your energy bill will decrease and your will comfort increase!  

Installing Vapor Barriers in Port Orchard

While high-quality insulation will keep your home efficient and warm, it needs a little more protection to keep dry. That’s why the Clean Crawls team provides vapor barriers for your crawl space to prevent moisture and condensation from making its way into your home. To ensure that your vapor barriers are operating efficiently, they must be inspected and replaced regularly. Our Clean Crawls experts can identify if your vapor barriers need replacement, and will install new ones if necessary to keep your crawl space dry and clean.  

Our Crawl Space Services in Port Orchard

Clean Crawls provides crawls space services to residents and commercial buildings in Port Orchard and the surrounding areas. If your home is need of a crawl space cleaning, insulation installation, or vapor barrier, Clean Crawls is the number one choice for quality crawl space cleaning. Contact us today and let us do the work you don’t want to!