Crawl Space Cleaning Lynnwood

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Poorly maintained crawl spaces drastically diminish you Lynnwood home’s energy efficiency and air quality. They can also harbor unwanted molds, mildew, and animals, which can spread dangerous toxins and bacteria throughout your house.

At Clean Crawls, we offer professional crawl space cleaning, vapor barrier installation, and crawl space insulation installation. We provide high-quality services at local prices for homes in Lynnwood and surrounding areas. Clean Crawls is a family-owned business, and we have more than 20 years of experience providing local homes and businesses with quality crawl space services.

Crawl Space Cleaning Lynnwood
Crawl Space Cleaning Lynnwood
Creating an energy-efficient crawls space requires a bit of work. The first step is cleaning it out! Our team of qualified professionals can go into your crawl space and clean it out for you. This will allow them to assess your crawl space properly, remove damaged or dirty insulation, debris, fungi, feces, rotten wood, and anything else that may cause problems. Click here to learn more about our crawl space cleaning services for your Lynnwood home.


Crawl Space Insulation Installation in Lynnwood

Next, you need to insulate your crawl space. Approximately 40% of your home’s air is drawn up from your crawl space. Cold, moist crawl spaces can develop mold and harbor animals. It’s important to keep the air cool and moisture-free. Insulating your crawl space will ensure your energy bill remains low, while your air quality goes up.


Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation in Lynnwood

Vapor barriers are one of the most important aspects of healthy crawl spaces. They prevent excess moisture and condensation build up. Damp, moist crawl spaces cause wood rotting and are perfect environments for mold and mildew to develop. Correctly installing a vapor barrier means you’re protecting your foundation, support beams, and air quality.

Crawl Space Pest Control Services in Lynnwood

Any animal infestation in your house is reason for alarm. Regardless of the type of animal, infestations are any homeowner’s worst nightmare. Knowing what to do in case of a animal infestation is difficult, so contact Clean Crawls today. We provide interior and exterior animal exclusion, inspection, extermination services and preventive treatments in Lynnwood and Snohomish County.


Lynnwood Local Crawl Space Services

At Clean Crawls, we offer crawl space cleaning, insulation, and vapor barrier insulation in Lynnwood and throughout surrounding areas. If you are interested in our professional crawl space services, reach us here. Contact us today!