Crawl Space Cleaning Service Bremerton

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If your Bremerton home has a crawl space, then you should be aware of the importance of crawl space maintenance. With proper care, a clean and dry crawl space can improve your air quality and protect your home from dangerous toxins and germs. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of what proper crawl space maintenance entails.

For years, Clean Crawls has offered experienced and professional crawl space cleaning services, including the installation of insulation and vapor barriers, at affordable prices for the Bremerton area.

Crawl Space Cleaning Bremerton
Our family-owned business works with experts in the industry, using their know-how to deliver high-quality and efficient services to keep your home or office crawl space clean, dry and free of pests. Keep reading to learn more about our services, how we can help your home and why we love what we do.  

Bremerton Crawl Space Cleaning Services

The secret to maintaining a functioning and efficient crawl space is to keep it clean! That’s always the first step in any of our services–to clear out the clutter and get to the bottom of your crawl space issues. Our crawl space cleaning services include the removal of any detrimental elements, including:   These, along with any other harmful materials. Accumulation of any of the above elements could contribute to the inefficient and reduced air quality along with degrading the safety of your Bremerton home. Once we clean out the mess, we’ll treat your crawl space with air deodorizing and sanitizing services that work to quickly and efficiently improve the quality of your air. Our service includes localizing, drying and cleaning both particulate and moisture contaminants found in residential and commercial buildings.  

Installing Crawl Space Insulation in Bremerton

In most cases, cleaning the crawl space is only the first step. Next comes installing new, clean insulation. Since approximately 40 percent of your home air circulates through your crawl space, it’s imperative to keep the air warm and moisture-free. Insulation can help reduce the amount of moisture and contaminants that enter your home by filtering the air and keeping it free of other elements that may contribute to low air quality. Environmentally friendly insulation and proper ventilation allow our team of crawl space insulation experts helps you achieve a reduced energy bill and increased home comfort!  

Installing Vapor Barriers

While insulation is important, it’s not the only line of defense against low air quality in your home. A properly installed vapor barrier is another crawl space protection service provided by our team at Clean Crawls. A crawl space filled with damp air or moisture breeds the perfect environment for contaminants that can pose a threat to your air quality and home. If left unchecked, mold, mildew and wood rot can form over time, potentially leading to health and structural risks. A vapor barrier installed by the Clean Crawls team keeps out moisture and condensation, preventing both from accumulating in your crawl space. The removal of moisture contributes to the safety of your home’s foundation, support beams, and air quality. We provide service to both remove and replace vapor barriers in residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the Bremerton area.  

Crawl Space Pest Control Services in Bremerton

Unfortunately, mold, mildew, and rot aren’t the only threats homeowners have to face in their crawl space. In many cases, pest invasions occur from outside vermin or insects seeking a warm place to breed, feed and nest. Like moisture accumulation, pest invasions can pose a risk to your family’s health and the structural quality of your home if not treated quickly and correctly. Homeowners often struggle in the face of a pest invasion. While the initial discovery is alarming, some people are unsure of the next steps to addressing a pest issue. That’s where we come in. Clean Crawls provides pest control and preventive services to the Bremerton area to keep your home or office building safe and pest free. Some of our services include regular interior and exterior inspections and pest disposal services. We do the work that you don’t want to!  

Our Crawl Space Services in Bremerton

We at Clean Crawl love our Bremerton community and focus on providing friendly, affordable and quality service to our residents and the surrounding area. We can handle any job, big or small, with the care, efficiency, and dedication of treating your home like our own. After every service, we provide a thorough clean up, leaving your home exactly the way we found it (but with a cleaner and better crawl space)! If you’re in need of our professional crawl space services, schedule an appointment or receive a quote by contacting our team today. Let us help you keep your home a healthy, clean and comfortable space. Contact us today!