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When it comes to home maintenance, crawl spaces are the easily one of the most neglected areas of the house. Our professional crawl space cleaning team often arrives at homes to find the crawl space area in shambles. We come across insulation that has been ripped apart and contaminated with rodent waste of all kinds, and all sorts of rodent nesting materials as well as corpses. Rodents often chew on the ducting and make a nest within it. The vapor barriers of the crawl space are left damaged, poorly configured, or simply not there at all; and the excessive amount of moisture has caused rotted wood, mildew, and mold. More often than not, vents are not installed correctly or even blocked off entirely.

Crawl space problems like these are gigantic, but we’re up to the task.

How to Know When to Call in the Pros

  • Pest or animal infestations or contamination
  • Moldy or damp insulation
  • Inadequate insulation in need of replacement
  • Vapor barriers in need of a replacement
  • Musty, moldy, or animal odors
  • Relief from allergies
  • Damage from water


At Clean Crawls, our crawl space cleaning team will head straight into your home’s crawl space to diagnose and treat all of these potential issues. We will extract filthy insulation, fungi, rotted wood, animal waste, debris, as well as anything else that may inhibit the air quality or efficiency of your home, rendering it clean, well-insulated, and safe from any moisture.


Why a Filthy Crawl Space is a Serious Threat to Your Home

Before cleaning your crawl space, it is important to understand why the maintenance is so vital. The crawl space influences the rest of the home in four major ways. First and foremost is air quality.

1. Toxic Air Quality

Filthy, poorly insulated crawl spaces are havens for all manner of allergens and pests. The moisture that seeps into the crawl space promotes the growth of mold and mildew, and it also draws pests and insects into your home. Around 40% of your home’s breathable oxygen originates in the crawl space. Poorly maintained, dirty crawl spaces permit allergens, germs, and dreaded mycotoxins to make its way into your home’s air. This can heighten allergy symptoms, cause havoc for asthma sufferers, and depress the immune system as a whole.

To gain more knowledge about preventing mold in your crawl space and your home, download our free eBook on solutions to prevent mold.

2. High Energy Costs and Bills

When a crawl space has not been insulated correctly, it can become drafty due to the substantial amount of heat that is escaping from your home. Due to the high amount of air that is pulled into your home from the crawl space, a cold crawl space will usually lead to a home that has difficulty in maintaining an acceptable temperature. What’s more is that you’ll have cold floors, rooms with drafts in them, and unusually high energy bills — particularly in the extremely hot or cold months of the year.

Normally, homeowners that have installed effective crawl space insulation enjoy a 30-50% savings on their energy bills almost immediately.

3. Damage Caused to Subfloor in Home

Excessive or chronic moisture in your crawl space region can dramatically damage the structural integrity of your home. This trapped and ongoing moisture has the potential to cause the wood in your load-bearing beams to begin to rot, and it may also cause warping or mold growth in the subflooring of the home. Normally, the cost of a subfloor and support beam replacement or repair can be massive — a crawl space cleaning will be substantially more affordable.

4. Pest Invasions and Infestations

Pests usually find comfort in warm, closed-off spaces that have access to food. Because of this, an uninsulated, and unsealed crawl space is the perfect nesting area for countless pests, such as rats, mice, squirrels, spiders, hornets, and ants. This can be a particularly big concern in coastal areas, such as Port Townsend, where there is a much higher incidence of rodents.

With the capability to destroy insulation, gnaw on exposed wires, tear holes in vapor barriers, and lower your home’s air quality, pests are not to be taken lightly. If you are experiencing troubles with pests in your crawl space, learn more about Clean Crawls’ pest control services.


Townsend Local Crawl Space Cleaning Services

At Clean Crawls, we are a local, family-owned company that is always eager to help other Port Townsend-area families. We are committed to taking all needed precautions to guarantee that the areas outside and the inside of your home remain a healthy, clean sanctuary from the moment that we arrive to the minute that we leave.

We are quite aware that most homeowners do not take pleasure in going into their crawl space. We do!

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