Crawl Space Cleaning Olympia

Watch our process and work.

Keeping your crawl space clean and maintained is important, yet many homeowners in Olympia, WA are unaware of why. If you let your crawl space get too dirty over time, the air quality in your home will diminish. That low air quality can potentially cause long term health issues for you and your family.

At Clean Crawls, we provide premium crawl space cleaning, vapor barrier installation, and insulation services for your Olympia home, all at a competitive price. Contact our family-owned business to learn how we can serve you and your home today.

Crawl Space Cleaning

What exactly goes into a crawl space cleaning? First, our team of experts will enter your crawl space and measure the scope of the job. After inspection, they will get down and dirty, removing all the old insulation, rotten wood, animal feces, and mold. This debris is negatively affecting the air quality in your home, and a thorough cleaning will help eliminate allergens and other health risks.  

Crawl Space Insulation Installation

After your crawl space has been thoroughly cleaned, it will be time to get it reinsulated. Fresh insulation is one of the key factors to keeping your interior air clean, and since about 40% of the air in your home comes from the crawl space, it’s important that it’s moisture free. Additionally, when you get your crawl space properly insulated, your energy bill will be reduced. That’s because the insulation helps properly ventilate your home, preventing your furnace and AC from working overtime to maintain a comfortable living space.  

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Another important aspect to keeping your home’s air clean is a correctly installed vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is a thin layer of impermeable material, typically polyethylene sheeting, that prevents moisture from damaging the fabric of your home. Preventing moisture from getting in your home is the best way to prevent mold, mildew, and rot from damaging the foundation and your interior air quality.  

Crawl Space Pest Control Services

If there are holes or cracks in your crawl space leading to the outside, there is also a good chance that pests will use those holes to enter your home. We know how frustrating pests can be, so we have a pest control unit to help resolve the issue. We provide pest inspections and exterminations for your home, as well as set up preventative treatments.  

Olympia Local Crawl Space Services

We offer our crawl space cleaning services to the Olympia and the surrounding area. If you need your crawl space cleaned and/or insulated, a vapor barrier installed, or our pest removal services, please contact us today.