Crawl Space Cleaning North Bend

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Homeowner’s here in North Bend need to be aware of the vital importance of making sure their crawl space is clean and properly maintained. If you find yourself asking why, consider this: a dirty crawl space can have dramatic impacts on air quality inside your house, and can be a conduit for introducing toxins into your home environment. Here at Clean Crawls, we offer North Bend residents a whole host of services for their homes, including our professional cleaning of crawl spaces, installation of insulation and vapor barriers, and pest control. Our business is family owned and operated and our prices are highly competitive. Over many years of successfully servicing residential and commercial customers we have established a well earned reputation for professionalism and reliability.

Crawl Space Cleaning North Bend

North Bend Crawl Space Cleaning

Let’s face it, your crawl space is not something you think about often, and it may be the single most neglected part of your home. Don’t wait until matters get worse! If you encounter any of the following conditions don’t hesitate to call us immediately:  

How We Clean Your Crawl Space

The first step in our cleaning process is to conduct a thorough inspection of your crawl space. After that, we will then remove everything that might adversely affect your home’s air quality. This includes such potential contaminants like debris, filthy insulation, fungus, decaying wood, and animal feces. While we’re at it we’ll take steps to sanitize and deodorize the air in your crawl space. And we’ll make sure any issues related to excessive moisture or breaches to your vapor barrier or ductwork are evaluated, addressed and corrected.  

Make Sure Your Crawl Space Is Properly Insulated

After we have eliminated contaminates and thoroughly cleaned your crawl space, it is advisable to make sure your insulation is adequate, and if it’s not, to replace it with quality insulation. It is important for North Bend homeowners to know that up to 40 percent of the air in their homes enters from their crawl space. It is imperative that this air not only be free from contaminants but that it is also dry and warm. In addition, your power bill is directly impacted by the state of your current insulation. The only way to ensure good air quality and power usage is to make sure your insulation is a superior product that is compliant with all environmental regulations and is properly installed and vented. Clean Crawls offers only the finest insulation and our professional installers are experienced and thorough when cleaning your North Bend home’s crawl space.  

Are Your Vapor Barriers Intact?

The importance of vapor barriers that are solid and have not been breached cannot be overemphasized. The primary function of your vapor barrier is in preventing the accumulation of excessive moisture which can lead to problems with mold and mildew that affect air quality in your home. If you need a new vapor barrier, Clean Crawls ensures not only a quality product but also a professional installation.  

Don’t Forget Pest Control

Clean Crawls can help North Bend homeowners with their crawl space cleaning, insulation and vapor barrier needs. But we don’t stop there. We can also offer professional services in both exterior and interior pest control.  

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If you’re a homeowner here in the North Bend area, we’d like to offer you the opportunity for a free consultation and quote related to your crawl space. Contact us today!