Crawl Space Cleaning Issaquah

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Maintaining a clean crawl space is important for the air quality within your home, and good air quality is essential to maintaining a healthy environment for your family. Often, crawl spaces are neglected because homeowners are simply unaware of the strong benefits of a regular cleaning.

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Better air quality not only promotes the health of your family, it also strengthens the overall structural integrity of your home and increases the life of your building materials. At Clean Crawls, we offer premium cleaning services for crawl spaces to purify the air underneath your home.  

Crawl Space Cleaning in Issaquah

We understand what it’s like to own a home in the Pacific Northwest. This region has humid weather that leads to all kinds of moisture problems and potential toxins accumulating in your crawl space area. Additionally, other natural features like big stands of gorgeous pine trees, can bring all kinds of unwanted critters to the space beneath your home. At Clean Crawls, we handle the unique challenges of a Pacific Northwest lifestyle. We want to help you achieve the peace of mind that comes with having a clean, refreshed crawl space. Our expert crew offers the following cleaning services:  

Insulation Services in Issaquah

Once we clean up your crawl space, it’s time to install some new insulation. Since roughly 40 percent of the air in your home enters through the crawl space, it’s critically important that this air gets filtered through quality insulation to remove toxins and moisture. Proper crawl space insulation gives you the clean air flow that your family needs. As an added bonus, new insulation helps reduce your energy bills by keeping the interior temperature of your home more stable.  

Vapor Barrier Installation in Issaquah

Lastly, once we properly clean and insulate your crawl space, we install a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from accumulating and damaging the underside of your house. The vapor barrier is a thin, impermeable material that protects your home from the damp humidity of the Pacific Northwest climate.  

Pest Control Services in Issaquah

If you have any trouble with pests in your crawl space or anywhere else in your home, we analyze your home for possible entry spots. When we find the problem, we take the necessary steps to keep your home pest-free.  

Crawl Space Services in Issaquah

Our professional crews can get underneath your home as soon as possible so you can get back to living. If you live in Issaquah and need to improve your home’s air quality, call or contact Clean Crawls today for a consultation.