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How Crawl Space Cleaning Can Increase Your Property Value

By Chuck Henrichsen on October 21, 2016

There are many factors to take into account when trying to sell your house. Homebuyers and appraisers will be scrutinizing every single part of your home. Areas like bedrooms, living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms are always the first stop. However, you also have to maintain a pristine attic, and, of course, crawl space.

Crawl spaces are surprisingly important when it comes to negotiating property value. Poorly maintained crawl spaces are a costly mistake and can result in losing thousands of dollars on a house sale. On the other hand having a clean, insulated, and fully functional crawl space will actually increase your home sale value, according to Realty Times. This means you can bump up your asking price, based on the pristine condition of your crawl space.

Crawl Space Cleaning

What are Appraisers Looking For?

Home appraisers are the most influential factors that homebuyers take into account when negotiating a price. It’s always good to know and understand what appraisers are looking for. This will help you prepare your home for inspection and allow you to make the necessary changes and repairs before hand.

Appraisers usually inspect your crawl spaces based on different criteria:

  • Crawl Space Visibility: Lighting should allow you to see the entire crawl space.
  • Debris and Waste Accumulation
  • Signs of Garbage or Organic Waste
  • Signs of Pests: Rodents, spiders, roaches, etc.
  • Structural Integrity: Make sure beams and house foundation are in good shape.
  • Odors: Very important as it can mean anything from high humidity to mold growth.
  • Standing Water
  • Any sign of trouble that can lead to safety hazards

The Benefits of Crawl Space Cleaning

There are many benefits and advantages to crawl space cleaning and renovation; one of the reasons why it’s such a good selling point.

Controlling Moisture Levels: Your crawl space is the biggest source of moisture in your home. Dirty crawl spaces with little or no insulation accumulate excessive amounts of moisture, which can lead to rotting wood and pest infestations. Approximately 40% of the air in your house comes from your crawl space, so that you can control moisture in your entire home with crawl space cleaning and insulation services. These will guarantee a dry crawl space, and prevent rotting and other issues.

Prevent Pests: It’s no secret that homes in the Pacific Northwest are very prone to hosting pests. These include cockroaches, termites, ants, rodents, and of course, spiders. All these pests (and many more) thrive in dark, moist areas around your house. A dirty, humid crawl space invites these pests into our homes, so maintaining a clean crawl space becomes a necessity. Offering homebuyers a dry, well-conditioned crawl space is a good way to bump up the asking price.

Protect Homes from Mold and Other Complications: Mold is bad. So bad, in fact, that it can ruin any attempt to sell your house. Mold develops in humid, dark areas of your house. Cleaning and insulating your crawl space will prevent high moisture levels, which significantly diminishes the chances of mold, mildew, and water damage.

Stabilizes Home Temperature: Many homeowners are aware of the amount of temperature lost through the attic. However, most fail to realize that the same goes for crawl spaces. If your crawl space’s temperature is very different from the rest of your house, your HVAC system is working more than it should. Crawl space cleaning is the first step towards cutting the temperature difference. Also, consider encapsulation or crawl space insulation for better results.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Energy Efficiency: If your HVAC system is not required to work as hard, your energy bills will be significantly reduced. This is a major selling point for new and experienced home buyers. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a properly conditioned and insulated crawl space can save you 15-30% of your energy costs. This alone can exponentially increase your home sale value.

Easy Access to Utilities and Structural Integrity: Clean, well-maintained crawl spaces are also functional and practical. They provide easy access to electricity and plumbing underneath your house, which makes repairs and inspections easier. Dry crawl spaces also safeguard your home’s structural integrity, as it is less likely to develop wood rot or succumb to mold and mildew.

Environmental Impact: Modern families and home buyers are very conscious of the environmental impact and carbon footprint they are leaving. It makes a lot of sense, for obvious reasons. Clean and insulated crawl spaces reduce the amount of energy needed to control a house’s temperature, decreasing our environmental impact and carbon footprint families generate. 

Preparing your house for the real estate market is not easy; it can be both physically grueling and emotionally draining. However, crawl space cleaning will help you in your quest for a smooth and fast sale.

If you are not sure your crawl space is clean, contact us today and our team of professionals will be more than happy assist you. We have serviced thousands of homes across the Pacific Northwest, and have the experience to make your crawl space an asset to your home value. Feel free to give us a call or submit your request via our contact forms online. Contact us today!

Chuck Henrichsen

President and CEO of Clean Crawls, Treasurer of E3 World Wide, proud husband and father.

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