Crawl Space Cleaning Bainbridge Island

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The waters of the Puget Sound bring tranquil, peaceful living to the residents of Bainbridge Island. However, when these same inviting waters reach underneath your home, they wreak havoc on your living conditions. Fortunately, Clean Crawls offers affordable solutions for maintaining a clean, beautiful environment for Bainbridge Island homes and businesses. We make our clients a number one priority by helping to create a healthy home environment.

Crawl Space cleaning Bainbridge Island
Our family-owned business with years of local experience keeps the moisture of Puget Sound where it belongs, rather than growing stagnant under your home. From cleaning services and pest control to insulation and vapor barrier installations, we work to ensure a clean home or business setting.  

Crawl Space Cleaning in Bainbridge Island

One look into your crawl space may reveal that more than just dirt resides there. You may also find dirty insulation, nesting materials, rodent remains, debris, rotten wood, and fungi. While covering up this filth to avoid this problem offers one solution, the basic problem still isn’t solved. Many homeowners fail to realize that unclean crawl spaces have a negative impact on their health and well-being, such as damage to their subfloor, higher energy bills, and pest infestation. For instance, nearly 40 percent of home air arises from your crawl space. Therefore, the quality of the air under your home is important to the quality in your home. Clean Crawls tackles the dirty work for you, restoring pleasant Puget Sound air to your home and family.  

Crawl Space Insulation Installation

With a range of temperatures and weather affecting the Bainbridge Island area, insulating your crawl space helps control the flow of heat in your home. This, in turn, means energy savings due to lowered heating and cooling bills. The Clean Crawls preferred spray foam insulation method provides water resistance and offers an airtight seal when installed by our professional crew members. Both of these insulation qualities benefit your crawl space and home in the moisture-laden environment of Puget Sound. Specifically, a crawl space attracts condensation and moisture build up. Properly insulating this unseen area of your home guards against air transfer that contributes to condensation. Our insulation resists the water that leads to mold and wood rot.

Bainbridge Island Vapor Barrier Installation

A vapor barrier further protects your home from moisture and condensation in the wet Pacific Northwest. When we stop the moisture seeping into your home, we defeat the problems of mold, mildew and wood rot. What does this mean for your Bainbridge Island home? It means that now you have a moisture-free crawl space that protects your home’s foundation, beams, and air quality, ridding your home of unwanted odors, allergy triggers, insects, and rodents.  Additionally, by stabilizing the temperature and humidity, a properly installed vapor barrier prevents pipes from freezing.  

Crawl Space Pest Control Services

Rodents and insects thrive in areas dampened by the waters of Puget Sound; your unprotected Bainbridge Island crawl space proves no exception. Unfortunately, pests create more than just a nuisance. Unwanted critters leave behind destroyed insulation, excrement, debris, chewed wires, air duct holes, carcasses and more. Clean Crawls takes on these unwanted guests on your behalf. Certified crew members come to your front door for pest control inspections, preventative treatments, and exterminations.  

Bainbridge Island Crawl Space Services

Clean Crawls offers one-stop services to meet your crawl space needs. Whether you want a thorough cleaning, insulating, or pest control service, we have certified, professional staff to get the job done. Don’t spend your time worrying; let us fix your crawl space and enable you to continue enjoying the island beauty inside and out. Contact us today and one of our crawl space service experts will gladly answer your questions.