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The Correct Way to Rid Yourself of Rodents

By Chuck Henrichsen on December 12, 2017

If you’ve found evidence that your home is experiencing a rodent infestation (or is about to), you need to take action immediately. Maybe you’ve heard the stirrings of small creatures in your attic, or discovered rodent feces in your attic. Regardless of where you have a pest problem, it needs to be addressed. Some homeowners,

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Rats on the Rise!

By Chuck Henrichsen on October 5, 2017

Now that fall is upon us here in the Pacific Northwest, it is also the season for pests of all kinds to invade your home. Don’t be surprised to see an increase of spiders appearing in and around your residence, and be aware that rats are not far behind. While all pests are a nuisance,

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How Insects Destroy Attic Insulation

By Chuck Henrichsen on November 17, 2015

Large insect infestations are common occurrences in Western, Washington. Thankfully, these can be skillfully handled by professional pest control companies, such as ours. One of the most common locations for insect infestations is the attic insulation. After the pests have been exterminated, many homeowners assume that the problem has been solved. Unfortunately, this is not

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