The crew of two arrived on time. The lead explained in detail to me what they were there to do. It turns out that there was a misunderstanding. A phone call to Jeff (salesman) and everything was adjusted on the fly with no issues. It really was that easy. The crew went in, did the prep work and offered to show me the work they had done before spraying in the insulation. I did ask the names of the two crew members but unfortunately my memory is failing me at the moment. I admit that initially I was skeptical when Jeff said it would take them 3 hours to finish. But they were done in 90 minutes! When they told me they were done, I must have looked at them funny because they insisted that I check their work. It was all and more that they had promised. I was so impressed that I tipped them and thanked them over and over again. Now here is a “no kidding” moment. I had requested an estimate from another company and they never called me back. Well, guess who showed up today unannounced? I told them that the job was already done. The salesman asked if he could look in our attic just to make sure we got what was promised. 10 minutes later he came back down and said it was “a pretty damn good job”. Shook my hand and left.