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How To Correctly Budget for Crawl Space Cleaning

By Ed Steenman on February 4, 2020

For many of us, visiting our crawl space is not something we look forward too, especially when it is a wet or smelly place. Previous animal infestations, mold, mildew, and wet insulation all release unpleasant aromas and create a disgusting crawl space environment.   While visiting your crawl space may not be an exciting task,

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Install a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Now In Your Seattle House

By Ed Steenman on April 6, 2019

The crawl space beneath your home contains a dirt floor which is generally damp. This moisture in the dirt floor will evaporate and then seep into the air beneath your home. Unfortunately,  the added moisture increases the risk of mildew, mold, insects, rust, and rot in your home. Crawl space vapor barriers are a valuable

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How to Dry Out a Flooded Crawl Space

By Ed Steenman on August 14, 2017

Many new homeowners have limited knowledge when it comes to that area beneath their first floor known as a crawl space. Here in the Pacific Northwest, crawl spaces are an integral part of structural design and construction, whether it be in a home or a building. Contained within the crawl space there is found insulation

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There’s Water in My Crawl Space; What Now?

By Ed Steenman on May 20, 2016

Finding water in your crawl space is always an unpleasant surprise. Many homeowners don’t frequent their crawl spaces often, if ever. This means that water is usually discovered after a flood or heavy rainfall, or it can be due to unpleasant smells issuing from beneath the floorboards. If you’re in this boat, never fear! The Clean

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Seven Things You Don’t Want in Your Attic

By Ed Steenman on April 21, 2016

Your attic isn’t just an empty space above the living quarters. It’s part of your home’s structure that has a purpose. The rafters support the roof and distribute its weight to the framing members throughout the home. Joists support the ceiling and help distribute weight evenly so the house stands strong. But there’s a lot

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How to Protect Crawl Space Insulation from Dangerous Humidity Levels

By Ed Steenman on July 8, 2015

High humidity in your crawl space will cause serious issues to your home. Not only will it put stress on the crawl space beams and weaken the structure of your home, but it can do serious damage to your crawl space insulation. To avoid this threat, Tacoma homeowners can take preventative measures to ensure that

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5 Steps to Handling a Flooded Crawlspace

By Ed Steenman on March 6, 2015

It rains a lot here in Seattle. And by ‘a lot’, we mean practically all the time. Because it rains so frequently, it can be easy for residents forget about the damaging effects that a sudden heavy rain can have on their home and property. Flooded crawlspaces are not an uncommon occurrence. However, as crawl

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Flooding Checklist: What to do When Your Crawl Space Floods

By Ed Steenman on May 21, 2014

This article has been updated with new a info-graphic since its original publishing date! In the Pacific Northwest, spring rain is a given. Rain year round, in fact, is a certainty. Because of where we live, however, it can be easy for us to forget that, when the spring rain comes and there are days of

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